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Can you backup the KN7000 SD card to another sd card for safekeeping,i

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Can you backup the KN7000 SD card to another sd card for safekeeping,in case the SD card should fail, I have tried but does not seem successful.
Hello, my name is Rusty. That depends, what type of content do you have on the card?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Rust,

It is mainly the songs that I create myself on the keyboard.

The content of the SD card would be songs and settings I've saved in the Folders I have named, Some of which comprise of sequencing data which I have input via step record and note edit and sometimes real-time record, plus the voices, rhythms and memories I have saved with them, and I save them each mostly as one song which when I recall the song, I may possibly have up to 10 banks with 20 songs each song comprising of 4 variations saved on the panel memory Bank 1 would have 2 songs song1 using the 1- 4 of the panel memory buttons, and song 2 the panel memory buttons 5-8.These are mainly my concern as what I have saved is a lot of work.I am in the process of saving these to floppy disks as I don't want to lose any of my work. but the card is getting really full now, and seems to be a bit problematic,as some of my songs in the first folder of the SD card will not load the song. is throwing up errors of No83 . which does not seem to be in the manual.

Not all the songs have sequencing data in them, lots of the song banks are just the voices and rhythms etc;

Hope this is of use to you and that you are able to advise.

Hmm, this may be tricky... When you put it in your computer, are you able to see the folders and files? We'll get through this so you have a backup, it's a great idea, but it will take a little thinking and trickery.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rusty, when I put SD card into computer, and open the Folder,Firstly I have 2 Folders one labelled PRIVATE, and the other SD_SOUND which seems a little greyed out or should I say paler than the PRIVATE one. If I click on the private folder it shows a TECHNICS folder, If I click on that it shows KN7000, if I click on that numerous folders One KN7000MN looks like a text document, all others seem to be TFL001-TFL090 TFL 001-005 seems to have music scores, which I think was from Technics ON screen music disks which I have saved. From TFL6 onwards seem to be files ACT, LSW, PMT, SQT files, some folders also have CMP which I think maybe Composer and also TM files.Some have EFC files,After looking at all these, I think the card must be very full, it is a 2GB card, but probably the KN7000 will not be able to fill the 99 slots.

The SD_ Sound folder has a 3KB PLM file and 4KB TKM file and files SCBoo1 -SOB008 ,and the text file seems very limited, and has only a small amount of info which seem to be of songs I have sequenced in step record.I have write protected the SD card.Hope this is of help.

It's the protection that I'm looking at... Remove the write protection, and put the card back in your keyboard. Go here:
Page 184 has instructions on how to protect your data. Unprotect it if you can, that will actually write to the card. Be very careful when you remove the protection. Safely remove the card, put it in your computer, and tell me if anything changed.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rusty again,

Sorry I think I mislead you, I only put the data protection on the card when I put it into the computer.I will follow the link to panasonic that you have given.



There is a second protection that the keyboard initiates, which actually writes to the file that protects it from being used. Tell me what you find with my last instructions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I found I could copy the folders except for the first few, I think they must be corrupted. But I can I copy the folders which I copied from the old card onto the new SD Card but, they do not show in the keyboard as folders and files, although the 99 folders unamed are already shown on the new card. I can copy them from my floppy disk saves, and that is what I have been doing tonight, but it is a long job.and I have to rename all the folders again.

Hmm, this is an odd request, and I haven't tried to clone an SD card like we can with DVD discs and CDs, but I ran into this utility I want you to try:
Lock the card, and run this utility. It will make a clone (that's what they claim) on your hard drive. You can choose the destination, so choose your desktop. With the card locked, it will not harm the contents of the card, but the clone utility should be able to read them. Tell me the results.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again Rusty,

Thank you for your patience and help so far.

I've only just had time to go on the Computer, I was up until 1.00am this morning, putting some of my files from the floppys back onto a new SD Card.(a very tireing process)

Before I can try the clone SD card, I will need to buy another. So do you think I should get a larger one say probably 4 or 8 GB?, as I think there is masses of data on the old one.

Your help is much appreciated and it has been a bit of a learning curve for me so thank you.

I will get back to you when I have had a chance to get the new card.

best wishes, Diane

The specs are unclear as to how much capacity of a card it can handle. An 8 gig may not work, so be ready for that. 4GB will have the best chance of working in the piano.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi Rusty, I am very happy with your info, I would rate you very good, but I would like to be able to let you know first how I actually get on with the clonesd site after I get a new SD card, as I would think you would be happy to know how I got on with it. for once i rate you I would think it would close the question down. but it is nice to know some-one is there to guide me through, whether eventually it is successful or not.I realise it is quite a difficult problem to solve.

Many thanks again.Diane

You can rate now or later, it doesn't close the question. I am interested to see how the cloneSD software works, as I've never cloned an SD card, only DVDs and CDs. I am sure it works the same way. I await your reply.
Rusty and other Electronic Musical Instruments Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rusty, It doesnt seem to work, on the card if it is write protected, and I am afraid to unprotect the card in case I lose the data that is already on it.

I think I will wait until I have a card with less amount of data on it, and try to clone it then.

I am happy with your quick responses, but I think it is a too difficult question to get around.

but many thanks anyway for trying.


I understand your concern of not wanting to delete the contents of the card. On your computer, right click one of the folders that won't open. Does it allow you to open the properties to see the attributes?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes , the properties will\ open and it says it is read only, which I would expect as it is write protected. but the folders will actually open and show the music files on my computer though.

The first folder of music files looks very odd, it certainly seems as though it has been corrupted, and sets me to wonder whether it would be such a good idea to clone the card as I can see that maybe if I were to clone it ,it would only be cloning a corrupted card and possibly make even more of the files corrupt.

When I have managed to put more new files in the folders on the new card that i am now using, maybe it would be worth trying to clone that one.The site is asking me to download other facilities to be able to do this, and I am not quite sure where these facilities get downloaded or even knowing how to use the downloaded programs becomes a bit of a nightmare for me.

That is all I can tell you for now, as I have packed my keyboard away as it has to be used tomorrow for a friend who is using it for a GCSE exam.

best wishes