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I have a roland m400 digital mixer, which has shut itself

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I have a roland m400 digital mixer, which has shut itself down on 2 consecutive services, at a similar point in the service.
Do you know what the fault is, and how it can be resolved?
, thanks me. Does it seem to be a timing issue, or a series of events that causes it to shut down?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The shutdown is not linked to any specific series of events, or is it an exact timing issue, it has just been resetting itself at roughly the same time twice.
Ok, this is a very complicated question to answer. Digital consoles have so many parts that can shut down the entire system. I understand how frustrating it is to have one go out during a performance. I do not envy your position.
Here are the causes that can make it go out:
Bad RAM - Replace the RAM
Corrupt software - Have the software reloaded
Information overload - Don't apply too many effects or compression at the same time
Microprocessor is on the fritz - Not much you can do about that
First, unplug the console, and turn on the power button. This will drain any residual power and static from the console, and will make the microprocessor more stable. This is common during changes in weather.
Update your software to M-400 Ver.2.320 System Program. Get the file and instructions here:
These are the things that you can do to try to clear it up. If the problem is still there, it is a hardware problem, and needs to be sent to Roland . Please keep me posted.
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