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Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
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, my question is to do with a Tascam 2488neo. I need some

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, my question is to do with a Tascam 2488neo. I need some advice on what monitor speaker(s) to buy device.I am not sure if I have enough space speakers.I want good quality sound.Thankyou,Alexander.
, . I'm a sound engineer. What are the dimensions of the room you are working in? In what position is your mix desk in that room?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
the room is 13 feet by 12 approximately.The mix desk is in one corner.There is about 16 by 20 inches of space on the desk or I might need to stand the speaker(s) on the floor.
Ok, size of a room, I suggest you go with 8" monitors and a sub. Here is a very accurate monitor across all frequencies. This one is more accurate than any I have heard in a side by side comparison with other current monitors:
Take a look at the physical dimensions of the specs, and see if they will fit on your desktop. If not, there are packages with 2 monitors and 2 stands:
That is a great space saver option desk space.
Use those with this subwoofer, to fill in the low end, so you'll really be able to dial in the right amount of low end:
You can choose from a variety of subs, but beware that brands like Mackie tend to exaggerate their bass response, and will give you an inaccurate mix. I recommend the JBL monitor, and test it with pink noise to get the volume matched to the monitors and the room.
Let me know if you have any questions.
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