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, I have a Roland TD11-K kit, playing through a EAD40

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Hi, I have a Roland TD11-K kit, playing through a Stagg EAD40 drum amplifier. My problem is that the sound of the kit is very quiet at normal volume i.e. I have to turn the amplifier and drum-head unit up to max. to hear the kit. In contrast, a demo track on th head-unit plays ok. Maybe this is problem with drum settings? Strange that demo is ok and not drums - suggests not a problem with interface between the 2. Thanks.
Hello, my name is Rusty. There is a setting for the level of each drum. I want you to first take a look at the drum settings, adjust them up, and tell me if it fixes the problem.
In the drum kit screen, press the menu button. Press F2 (FX). Now select Ambience. The AMBIENCE SEND screen will appear. Press the [F1] (LINK) button to turn Link on/off. Select a pad, either by striking that pad or by pressing the [F2] or [F3] buttons. Be sure these are turned up.
If that doesn't do the trick, I want you to take a look at page 46, and do a factory reset. Here is the link:
Please tell me the results.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hasn't solved the problem, I'm afraid. But it may be a physical connection, or something not amenable to remote 'expert' help.

Plug the drums into different ports. Does the problem persist no matter what?