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Anthony F.
Anthony F., Engineer
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
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Experience:  Amplifier and keyboard repair.
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. I have Roland HP107e digital piano. I have had it from

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Hi. I have Roland HP107e digital piano. I have had it from new for about 10 years during which it has been trouble free. During the last month or so , however, the D and F naturals nearest middle C have been sounding disproportionately loud albeit, intermittently. The problem is at its worst, after I first switch the piano on but though the volume of the notes tend to normalise they can still sound overly and dis-proportionally loud on a random basis.
Can you help, please.
Regards, *****
I have a Roland digital piano with the same issue
the pads are wearing out under the keys and becoming unresponsive
cleaning the key pad may help
but this is one hell of a job
you have to pull every key off the piano to get the pad underneath
How often do you play?
I just about cured my issue by playing the hell out of it
every day
the keys normalized and i dont have the issue ayomore unless i let it set for a month or two
I dont know what kid of music you play
but ***** ***** Lewis will straigten it right out! Embarassed
Good Luck
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for the information. It would seem then that the problem is mechanical rather than electrical. I an a jazz pianist and I practice between 3 and 4 hours every day. So I already give the piano quite a bashing. Is it possible, do you think to get the piano re-padded?

Regards, Mal.

i think it would be more cost effective for you to just replace it ....i saw one on ebay for around $600 with the labor involved the repair will likely run you about the same ...
this would be the place to contact ...
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