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We have a kawai es5 and the motherboard seems to be broken,

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hi, we have a kawai es5 and the motherboard seems to be broken, is there a general factory reset procedure. thanks Stefanie
Hello, my name is Rusty. To reset your keyboard, turn it off. Hold down Play, Pause and Rec, and turn the power on. Release the three keys when you see it light up. Please tell me if it fixes the problem, it may be a hardware failure.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

there is no pause button, play/stop (one button) and rec. shall I release the 2 keys when I see the piano lighting ES5 up or those button light up? I had a technician here and he confirmed that all the speakers (the problem is that I don't have a sound though on off and the other buttons light up. the technician thinks it is a motherboard issue hence why we thought a reset might do the trick. if not do you know how much a motherboard costs and whether it is worth buying it for a relatively old piano?

Sorry, I meant Play/Stop and REC. That is how to reset the piano. I completely disagree that the motherboard is the problem if there is no sound. The use of the term "motherboard" is used mostly when it's a guess. I want you to run some tests. First, press your demo button. Does that make noise? That will test the integrity of your tone generator.Next, try headphones. They use different amplifiers, and it will check the integrity of your amplifiers. You may have a stuck jack, causing the amplifier circuit to open.Please tell me the results.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have switched off, then presse start/stop and rec button together, have hold those 2 buttons and switched piano on... first it says ES5 on the little display then the 2 buttons Effect and Reverb light up, I then released the 2 buttons start/stop and rec.

This does not solve the problem

pressing the demo button - no sound

in headphones - no sound

the technician put a little plug into the headphone sockets and it makes a small crackling noise, he says this means they work, he also unscrewed the piano and holded a little needle onto the little things when keybord was opened up... there were some crackling noises as well so he said the amplifiers work as well. any other ideas...

Hello, it looks like the expert you were working with has opted out. Let's see if I can help you.First lets return to the reset. The procedure the other expert gave you was not the correct one for a full factory reset. That procedure resets the song memory only. The full factory reset is as follows. Turn the power off and then turn it back again while holding down both the Touch and Transpose buttons at the same time. You will find this on page 26 of your owner's manual, which you can download from the following link if you need a copy - Second, it is possible that you have a bad main board, but hard to tell from the description of what the technician checked, since we don't know exactly what he did. The quickest way to check the power amp/speakers is to plug something, like an MP3 or CD player, into the Line In jack. If the amplifier is working the music from that source will play through the speakers. Of course, don't forget to make sure that the speaker switch, located next to the Line In jack on the piano, is in the "ON" position. If the speakers work, the problem may be the main board, but it doesn't 100% guarantee it. It could be problem on the power supply that affects the voltage for the digital circuits, or it could be a problem with the analog circuitry anywhere between the main board and the power amp... including the connections that bring the audio up to the volume control on the front panel. A technician would have to check the connections and trace the audio signal through to see if t comes out of the main board and where it drops off. A good technician may also be able to repair the main board, rather than replace it.Ultimately, the cost of replacing a main board, or doing detailed troubleshooting to repair it, would probably prove excessive for the age of the piano. So I'm hoping the correct reset procedure works.
MusicTech14, Technician
Satisfied Customers: 419
Experience: 20 yrs experience in service & support of music instruments
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

you are a star! we did the reset and it worked!!! very great! thanks a lot!