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I have a Yamaha psr 550 keyboard which still works perfectly

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I have a Yamaha psr 550 keyboard which still works perfectly but the backlight has stopped working . Can this be repaired and how much would it cost
Hello and thank you for your question.Yes, a problem with the backlight should be repairable. However the cost can vary significantly depending on the source of the problem. A problem with the connections between the backlight and the control circuits would probably cost you whatever your local service center charges for a bench fee (usually between $50 and $100) If the backlight assembly needs to be replaced it will cost you a few hunderd dollars (labor plus $75 for the part). There is a range of potential causes in between. Your best bet is to take it in for service and ask for an estimate before having any work done. But first...Check the backlight setting in Utility menu of the Function section. The backlight can be set to AUTO, BLUE, RED, PURPLE, or OFF. To get to this setting, Press the [FUNCTION] button and then Select “Utility.” using the data dial, the [+/YES] button or the [-/NO] button.Press the [NEXT] button and Select the "Backlight" function.Make sure it is not set to OFF. If it is set to AUTO, try the other settings. There are separate lights in the backlight and it is not likely that they have all failed. It may be just one color that is out in which case you can get by with one of the other colors until you are ready to have it repaired. If none of the colors work then that is clue as to where the problem lies. It would probably be a connection issue or a problem with backlight power and control circuitry on the Digital Main board.You can locate service center or order parts through Yamaha's web portal at hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you need any more information, and have a happy new year!
Sorry. Just saw that you are in the UK. The correct web site to find a service center would be
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