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Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
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I speak from the platform of what musical training I have has

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I speak from the platform of what musical training I have has been classical up until recently (singing, piano, cello). But I also developed a few years ago a huge interest in Cajun music and dancing and so play accordion in our local jam band. This has introduced me to the importance of amplification and all things musically electrical. A friend sold me a PSR-530 cheaply (sadly no music stand with it, and, to a lesser sad degree no floor stand). However I'm involving myself in learning, with the book, all about it. It is taking time but very interesting to find out all the things it can potentially do. Now we're getting to the point of this. The manual says that certain settings can be stored in memory, etc. I read about a possible internal memory battery on forums. I think we have established that the PSR-530 has no internal memory battery. I wonder if that was the reason that it was discontinued. What I'd ask you is 'Does that mean that when it is turned off and disconnected from the wall (I bought an adaptor from Amazon as the batteries didn't last any time) it loses settings like any track recordings I might do in the future or any parameters I have set or any revoicing, etc., etc. What exactly will it lose? How can I get the maximum out of it? I am still at the earliest stage of understanding and only had a simple electric piano up until ownership of the PSR530. I'm thrilled to bits with it and never realised school children were going back and forth to school with their wonderful keyboards that would do so much.
Hello, my name is Rusty. The easiest way to tell if it has a battery or not, is to change a simple setting, turn it off, then turn it back on. If the setting is still changed, then it has a battery. If every time you turn it off it goes back to the original setting, then there is no battery. If there is no battery, nothing will be saved once you remove power. Flash memory stores a ton of data, but without a battery, it erases immediately once power is removed. This is true for all devices with flash memory, including flash drives, keyboards, etc...
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