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Eng. Andres
Eng. Andres, Engineer
Category: Electronics
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hi . ihave a samsung 50inch led tv .i have had it from brand

Customer Question

hi . ihave a samsung 50inch led tv .i have had it from brand new i bought it from currys in DURHAM.At the end of july 2012 my tv started flashing like an old computer screen .i did not think any thing about it .Becase i thought it was down to the change over.So i did nothing about it .i tryed taken the hdi leads out and putting them into a nother port .Did not work.Tryed every thig nothing worked Switch cover came and gone no change Now picture comes and goes cant watch it have to borrow a nother tv not happie since i have only had it from june 2011 ittook me 1 year to save up fore that tv and i have an expensive orniment
Can you help yours hopfully paul lye
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  B. Resendez replied 5 years ago.

do you lose sound also or just the picture? also, what model is it? it sounds like you may need to download the latest firmware for the device. that usually takes care of the problem, but with a little more information i may be able to help more.