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Ive a panasonic Dvd recorder it works in every way ...record

Customer Question

I've a panasonic Dvd recorder it works in every way ...record play sky etc but suddenly the
guide button shows no signal when pressed or is it no details available help please
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Usually after you do a retuning, you have to give the box about 24 hours to download and fully display the shows in the TV guide. Have you attempted that?


If you have, you may want to unplug the DVD recorder first, then give it about 20 minutes for the unit to reset, then perform the Autoscan on it and wait 24 hours to check your TV guide's operation.


There is a factory reset that usually restores the TV Guide's ability to download from the TV stations, but we do not have the model number of your unit.


However, here is an excerpt on SOME models and its reset procedure --


The following will set your recorder to the Factory defaults.


1] With power off (stand-by mode), Press and hold [skip reverse] [Time Slip] [Open/Close] buttons on the units front for about 10 sec. Unit will go into Self Check Mode and then Display 'L1 TEST'.

2] It will power off. Clock should be flashing 12:00.

3] Turn power on and intial setup menu will be displayed on TV.

Use also for DMRE50, DMRE55 AND DMRE85 models also.

For the DMRE75V press both [dub] buttons and [eject] button.


On my player, when it locked up I had to press keys on the front of the unit to reset it, not the remote control. Check the differences on my model --


Reset the unit as follows:

1 Press [POWER ] on the unit to turn off the unit.

2 Press and hold [PAUSE], [POWER ] and [ OPEN/CLOSE] on the unit at the

same time for more than 5 seconds until "HELLO" is displayed on the unit.

3 The power will turn on and then turn off


So knowing your model number would be a lot more concise. And try the buttons on the unit, not the remote control.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Model no DMR-EX85

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

on my machine I have the following buttons at 11/3 close..and on off


don't give up please

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Quick took me several hours to update this. Sorry about the wait, but I had to do a lot of pictures and information retrieval. See Posting below --





Ok, your factory reset is listed IN the MENU as Shipping Condition and is the FINAL reset that clears out ANY problems including the loss of the TV Guide. This procedure is the last choice, however I do it, when a customer has had their unit for a couple years. That microprocessor inside has been running for a long time, and over time, it can lose operations due to the micro just running 24 hours a day. Sometimes it just need a good reset to clear out its registers and output control lines.


[Shipping Condition]

Do an auto setup again and let it continue right through to the end. The data is

only saved after this has been completed.


However, understand that the Program Guide does need a Full 24 hours for TV shows to fully appear.


You stated -- but suddenly the guide button shows no signal when pressed or is it no details available


Because of that statement we need to make sure the EPG guide setting is turned ON. especially AFTER you autoprogrammed the tuner. It takes at least 6 hours with the unit turned off for the GUIDE to download, and up to 24 hours to FULLY load the Guide.


That may be your problem right there. So unplug your recorder for 20 minutes, verify the EPG Guide setting is turned on, check the SIGNAL quality and Signal strength to verify you get a ROBUST signal ( 7 is good, 4 to 6 is fair).


Now, I've got TWO pictorials .....the first one in yellow is the basics and you should try those after unplugging power for 20 minutes. I've highlighted sections of your FUNCTION MENU that you need to navigate, try and verify information on --




Next, this picture pretty much overhauls any settings that are STOPPING your unit from displaying the Guide.

This is your last resort, but it pretty much clears out any settings that LOOK OK, but need reset to get your Guide back. Read and Follow the directions exactly because there is 2 procedures to try in it.




Remember TRY to give it around 6 hours and check your GUIDE for information populating your channels. If it's still sitting there with NO information, I would procede with the Final Shipping Condition procedure, and wait 24 hours for full population of the Guide before I would call the unit BAD. Also note the unit's CLOCK should automatically SET itself if the unit is recieving data. Give that about an hour I believe.


The HARD part about this is the time required. It's not going to give you any results unless you at least allow 6 hours turned off and up to 24 hours turned off at maximum.


Do your best to have patience, and just make sure you've got your EPG guide setting turned on in the menu AFTER autoprogramming the tuner. It most likely will be, but you don't want to waste 6-24 hours, only to discover it's turned off.


Autoscanning the TV channels is necessary. That's what downloads the time and the guide.


Give it your best, XXXXX XXXXX me know, ok?







Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Blimey that's brilliant


I simply can't do it tonight and I have 3 very heavy days

I will try on Sunday


I'm really grateful for your help





Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Thanks I appreciate that. I know it looks a little complicated, but it's basically checking to see if the Menu setting for the Guide is turned on, and the Tuner gets autoprogrammed, and it's programmed after you try the Default or the Shipping settings as the last resort.