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I hit the wrong button on my remote control and now have snow

Customer Question

I hit the wrong button on my remote control and now have 'snow' on my screen and no sound. When I go to menu it just has Language and Recall as options. I cannot find the menu that has Box Settings on it. Can you help please.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.
It does depend on the remote control you're trying to use. The TV's remote is the one easier to use when you're trying to change channels or change TV inputs to get your Cable/Satellite/Freeview boxes reconnected to the TV set.

Do you have that available? I don't know the model or brand name of your TV or "box"
but ALL remotes do have an Input switching button on them to switch from TV to Input 1, Input 2, Input 3 etc.

We need your TV remote to make it easy to find.

I know I have pictures of remotes here --

This is a Cable or universal remote. Notice the TV and STB buttons at the Top?
Those two buttons make the remote send TV signals or STB (set top box) signals to control your TV or box respectively..

You should press the TV button if you want to control and change the input or channel on your TV set.

Way at the bottom of the remote....notice the A/V input button? That changes the input on the TV set. Aligns it up to the STB box connected to your TV set.

95% of "box" users usually are using that remote control, and the last 5% might use the TV's original remote with the Box's remote.

Let me know if you're using your TV remote, or the box remote. I hope I gave you enough information that you actually FIND that button and understand the TV/STB buttons and what they do.
But if I give you the basics first, then get details may be up and running a lot faster.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The make is Goodmans and the model is GTVL20W/7HD. I HAVE A PHILIPS FREEVIEW BOX.

I use the Goodmans tv remote to switch the set on and adjust the sound but use the Philips remote to change channels. This is how my son set it up for me. When tv's went digital I used the info in the Philips manual to restore the default settings, which included restoring the factory settings. I did this from the menu which was headed Box Settings. The problem now is I cannot forsome reason get this menu up on the screen in order to restore the settings. I need a sequence to follow to get to that menu. My remote is nothing like the one you have shown me, On the tv remote there is a button in the middle with menu on it, and above this is a P+ and below it a P-. I pressed the P- by mistake and have not been able to get sound or picture since then. I have tried pressing the AV/SV button, the snow disappears and a bright blue screen appears but nothing on it and I need to get the restore default settings menu up to be able to get back to normal which is what I need help with. If I remember correctly I use the freeview remote to do this, but this time nothing seems to work. I have tried a combination of both remotes and got a menu up which only has 2 options on it as mentioned before - Language and recall, but have gone on to recall and pressed OK on my freeview remote but nothing happens. Now the standby light is on amber, usually it is green when tv on or red when it is off. Sorry that your info as above means nothing to me as I do not have an STB button on either remote. I can get AV up on the screen, but then having got it nothing happens. Please see if you can make sense of what I am saying and get back to me.