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Have an HP Photosmart 5510 printer which I try to use from

Customer Question

Have an HP Photosmart 5510 printer which I try to use from my iPad. Most of the time I get the message 'printer not found'. Have got to the stage of wanting to throw the printer out of the window! It will copy etc but not seem to connect to wireless. Have checked wireless net work etc and that shows everything is connected. Can you help please. Thanks.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


Hmm, that Ipad has got to have 5510 printer drivers for it....and it has to be connected to the router and work fine with other operations, but that one printer. Is that Ipad the ONLY computer connected to the system or do you happen to have a desktop computer connected to a router to your printer?


My experience with HP connecting wirelessly to my computer has been....well, super brainless super easy -- almost too easy. I just pressed the power button on my printer, hit the network setup, and it connected, THEN sent printer drivers to my computer. I re-ran it with my wife's computer and it did the same thing.


It's not like in the olde days where you had to install the drivers and the HP program on the computer, then select the drivers for the printer, then restart, it's almost TOO EASY.


I would expect that from your computer(s) too.


And it's kind of important to determine if the Drivers aren't present and it's never printed from your Ipad....or if the issue is the HP printer just doesn't appear on the network, but you have no problems connecting to the internet, but the printer isn't seen on the network.


I don't know if you had a previous printer on your network that the Ipad was using, but I will tell you this -- I removed my Olde printer software from my computers before I even had my HP connect to my router, discover my computer, and transfer the drivers and the operating software for my printer to the computer.


The whole concept of installing drivers and printer software is totally backwards from when I installed my last HP. "Super brainless super easy" so to speak.

Scared me half to death it was so easy and I had no control over it.


Almost makes it hard to have any control over it.

Listen, I brought that story up for a reason.


1] To see if that's how your first connection experience was with your printer.

2] To see if you are only using ONE Ipad and if you aren't -- See if your other computers work ok, and ALSO see if your Apple is on a 100% Apple setup or a mixed Apple/PC setup.


Notice all the different drivers for the different operating systems?


Is it a DRIVER issue or is it a CONNECTION issue where your Ipad isn't even connecting to the network, then the network isn't connecting to the HP?


We have to break the problem down into smaller sections like that to figure out why you're having problems.


I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with questions about your setup. But it is important to get a whole picture of your Home's network and check to see if the printer and the Ipad are the only 2 parts in your network.


Also, it's nice to know if your printer had that "super brainless super easy" setup like mine, or if you did have to install software on your Ipad first, then make the connection to the printer second.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX overwhelmed! I have one iPad and one printer.

There has only been this one printer connected to this iPad. The iPad is showing connection to the printer and it has worked occasionally but now does not appear to want to work. Does this answer your questions sufficiently?
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

It helps....but it is harder to KNOW if the Ipad's drivers aren't translating the printout you want or if the Ipad's wireless connection to the printer is the source of your problem.


Hmm, how would we figure out the cause....


Ok, let's look at other things you do wirelessly with your Ipad. You have no problems connecting to the internet with your Ipad, but I suspect you connect using it an Airport router or maybe you have a router that your Cable or Satellite provider added to provide a broadband connection (that connects to your cable's RF coaxial connection)


The only other option I can see an Ipad using is connecting wirelessly to a cellphone tower. If you're connecting to the internet one of those two choices has to be in your home. I'd like to know how that operates (good, bad, erratic)


I'd like to know if you always find the printer, you can select it, and you can see your Ipad SENDING to it....then that "'printer not found" message pops up, OR...if you press print and it Immediately states "'printer not found"


There is a difference. If it immediately states "printer not found", that's because the Ipad can't find a driver to drive it. If it sends....then you get the printer not found, it's more likely to be the Network connection is the cause of the problem.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Connection to Internet is via a Belkin Wireless Modem. This is used for the iPad, a laptop and a Desktop computer. These last two have their own printers. These are not connected wi-fi.
Connection to the Internet is generally good, sometimes a bit slower at peak times.
When I select print the I pad starts looking and then after a while the message Printer not found appears.
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Many of the AirPrint capable HP printers need a firmware update in order to get AirPrint to actually work. The HP support site can give you info on whether this needs to be done and how to do it. And the iPad and printer have to be on the same network.


Since your Ipad does connect to the Belkin and is operational, it comes down to connecting the Printer to that same router.


Let get you a picture of your HP printer's control panel and see if the Wireless lamp is lit first. If not...we get into the Wireless Network setup. Once we know the lamp is lit on the printer, and the router's Name has been selected, and the router's password XXXXX been entered and accepted, the blue wireless light should be lit.


You remember the Name and Password XXXXX had to use to get your Laptop to connect to that router wirelessly? That's the same name and password XXXXX need on your printer.



Now...if we KNOW that printer is connected, run that network setup again to make sure it's not locked up.


A suggestion...if you got an HP CD disk with your could try installing it on the laptop or Desktop, then select the HP and see if it prints from one of those.


However....what I expect is that the Ipad needs the HP Firmware update that matches the Ipad's operating system listed here on this page --


You may have to access HP SUPPORT on your Ipad, then type in Photosmart 5510 to get to that page, depending on where you read this post from.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Have tried at length to follow instructions but only succeed in going round in circles. The HP Support download you suggested only seems to refer to Windows and not iPad. I am not very good with computer language and find it all confusing. Have double checked all connections etc and it would seem that the iPad and printer recognise each other but when trying to print, it continually throws up "printer not found".
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Computer language....that's what google is for. I try to keep it basic but one man's basic is another man's "gibberish" or some other guy's "entry-level" jargon.



Hmm, both the printer and Ipad are recognized, but the software for Ipad doesn't see to see a printer.


I would expect the Apple Ipad to "see" the printer on the router...and you claim it does. But when you select's not recognized? Or is it possible the PROGRAM doesn't recognize it, even though the computer's software does see it?


If you've had multiple printers on your system, and the Ipad apps used to use an older printer, and you didn't remove those drivers, those apps won't know what printer to print to.

Is that what you see on your Ipad? You see the printer listed, but the apps/programs don't see the printer?

I had to select printers when I had more than one driver on my system.

That's one reason I took off my old drivers. Two sets of HP drivers threw me off selecting which HP printer to print to.


You mentioned you have a laptop and desktop with their own printers...are they connected directly using USB cables? That makes no sense with a laptop. In fact your laptop should have recognized the HP printer the moment you connected the printer to the router wirelessly.


That unit should be seeing MORE than one printer right now, and I'm assuming that the laptop and desktop are not Apple, but IBM-PC systems?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We seem to be talking at cross purposes and getting nowhere. It is just the iPad I am trying to get to talk to the Photosmart printer and has no relevance to our desktop and my husband's laptop!

I thank you for trying to help but am not making any sense so I will call it a day.