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carlday1, Engineer
Category: Electronics
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we have a oki microline 395 and it stopped printing mid page

Customer Question

we have a oki microline 395 and it stopped printing mid page and now the alarm light wont stop flasing
have tried reseting without no joy

no paper jam

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  carlday1 replied 4 years ago.

carlday1 :


Thank you for using Just Answer my name is Carl and I will try and help you with your question.

Did the printer have a paper jam when it stopped printing?

Sometimes a tiny bit of paper is still in the paper path and the printer thinks there is a Jam. If you have a look in the printer with a touch or bright light just to check there is no paper still in there.

I would also suggest looking at the paper sensors and make sure none are broken. They are normally small pieces of plastic that stick up. I can send you some photos of what to check if you are unsure.

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

I have just cut some paper off and re loaded

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

no paper jam and light still blinks

carlday1 :

I will have a look at the service manual I will get back to you in a few minutes

carlday1 :

I have had another thought, the alarm will light for all sorts of errors like print head overheat or jammed ribbon or open covers.

Have you tried unplugging the printer for a while to allow it to cool down in case it is the print head.

Have you done a lot of printing today.

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

the alarm came on yesterday

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

was switched of overnight so havent been able to print anything today yet?? have tried turning on with various buttons being held when switched back on but no joy

carlday1 :

Please could you check the following

The following can cause the ALARM lamp to blink.

Open Bail Arm

Jammed Paper

Printhead Cannot Move

Other Fatal Error

When the ALARM Lamp is blinking, check the items listed below.

1. Close the bail arm.
2. Check for a paper jam.
3. Verify that the printhead moves freely.
4. Record the status of the PRINT QUALITY, FONT, and CHARACTER PITCH Lamps.
5. Refer to the Alarm Lamp Codes Table.

If none of the above helps I have a copy of the alarm code table.

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

ok i cant find the alarm codes

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

lights on arefont gothic bold pitch 10 & 20 and prop

carlday1 :

I will look up the fault now

carlday1 :

The fault is Spacing Error unfortunately there are only a couple of things you would be able to check, the rest of the faults will need to be fixed by a printer engineer.

This is from the service manual.

RAP 02: Space Error (ALARM 5B)

Is the carriage assembly binding or jammed?

Check around the space motor mechanism for any obstructions. Then, remove the cause of
the carriage jam.

Replace the program and slave ROMs.

Is fuse F1 on the control board blown?
Replace fuse F1

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

any idea where control board is

carlday1 :

Would you like a copy of the service manual. It does show you how to disassembly the printer.

carlday1 :

I have uploaded the service manual here.

JACUSTOMER-o8lv14er- :

ok hasnt fixed problem but thanks for your help

carlday1 :

Sorry I cannot help more, I think you will need to get it repaired by a service centre. Where about are you in the UK. I might be able to suggest a repairer if you wanted me to.