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The machine is a RDR-HXD995 and I have an ongoing problem. The

Customer Question

The machine is a RDR-HXD995 and I have an ongoing problem.
The last time I had this problem I did a Factory Reset, tuned with the aerial unplugged, took the power off for 30 secs, then retuned with the aerial in. The highest DTV channel was D790 with D001 as BBC1.
It was fine for a couple of weeks. Then it seemed to "invent" D800 & D801 both labelled as BBC1, on the day of recording it amended the Timer List D001 programmes to D800, then failed to record for lack of a signal.
What can I do?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


Try manually removing the Odd channels from your list, I had a guy up in Kalamazoo that autoscanned his channels and even when it scanned ok, Channel 7 would show up as 17-1 and 17-3. about 30 minutes after rescanning. Removing those channels manually from the list made them go away.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry, but I don't understand. I have digital channels numbered D001 to D790.

For the moment I have told it to skip D800 and D801.


But why did they appear in the first place? And if they are tuned channels then surely there should be a signal?

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

To be honest, I have no idea why one guy had his Sony TV set add those channels 30 minutes after autoscanning. They weren't there when he autoscanned, they appeared later, and they were bad channels just like you are experiencing.


His issue was similar, it would select the wrong channel each time he wanted to watch channel 7.


All I can really do is pass on my experiences to you, and see if removing the odd channels fixes your problem. I went back to this customer 3 times, replaced his main board, once and even the brand new board added those channels. He had a very good aerial with a power amp on it, and we tried a different amp too. Neither worked. I called Sony about this issue and the engineers looked into it. They suspected a "multipath interference issue" which basically is nothing more than the original signal path was being bounced back to his aerial in his specific area.


Note that ALL Kalamazoo customers didn't have this problem, only he did. The last thing we tried on the 3rd visit was to simply erase these false channels from his channel guide manually, and that's the last time he ever called us.

I asked my office to call him back about the results...I never got those results.

But when a problem is fixed...most people don't call back. So I can only assume he never had a problem afterwards.


Like I said, I can pass on my experiences and have you try them out, see if there is a restoration of normal operation. Only you can verify it works or didn't work.


Sometimes there really isn't an answer...just educated guesses.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I came to this service by contacting "sony technical support uk" so I assume I am talking to a Sony engineer. Is this not the case?

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Not directly, you'll find Sony Authorized Servicers on Just Answer with experience on Sony issues but Sony technicians and Sony Engineers will only speak to Sony Anthorized servicers. There is no direct contact to them. You can contact Sony's Customer Relations but even they don't have direct contact. The whole system is set up to direct customers from easy repairs, to more complicated repairs. We are the middlemen.