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Richard Hill
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received delivery DVD recorder yesterday model dmd-ez49veb

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received delivery DVD recorder yesterday model dmd-ez49veb which is connected to panasonic TV model tx-32lzd80 with 21 pin scart cable from av1(tv) to av1 (recorder)

From page 13 of operating instructions I turn on tv, change channel to av1; turn on recorder and after the 'hello' on the recorder screen the message 'av1 flashes on and a little later the tv screen shows the bbc tv programme I was watching before switching to the av1 channel. This DVB auto setup doesn't seem to do anything. Can watch a dvd on the tv screen without problem. When shutting down the recorder, the tv programme also goes off and the screen reverts to showing the av1 icon on the top left of the screen.

Having failed at the first 'hurdle' the remaining 11 steps of this 'setting the channels' is not available. What's wrong?

Alister Bisset

It sounds like the initial tuning (DVB Auto Setup)has already been run.

Whilst set to AV1 on the TV, are you able to select channels using the Recorders Remote control?

If not, if you press CH ^ and CH v on the recorder for about 5 seconds the Autosetup screen should appear and you can re-run it (Pg 67 of the manual covers this)

Best Regards,

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