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I have a 2009 Samsung BDP 4600 DVD player and it gets noisy

Customer Question

I have a 2009 Samsung BDP 4600 DVD player and it gets noisy when playing a DVD/Blu Ray. I am suspecting that there is a dry component inside that needs a bit of lubricant.

Are you aware of any places where I could deliver a spot of WD40 or perhaps somepart that I can clean up?


Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


Yeah, there is a lot of screws to remove. With the cover off, you do have to remove the DVD's Player assembly from the unit, then you have to open it up, then finally remove the spindle motor assembly and see if there is a way to lubricate the spindle motor. Samsung's disassembly guide only shows disassembly down to the spindle motor and no further.


I suspect that -

1] You may be successful finding a way to lubricate the spindle motor

2] You may not be successful, and may have to replace the spindle motor assembly, IF you can find that part.


Want some pictures of the disassembly?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes please, some pictures would be idealLaughing

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Ok, before you do the full disassembly, I'm going to recommend you Partially disassemble the unit, because it looks like the top cover's ribbon cable has to be reinserted to power up the unit and you want to try to VIEW a blu ray disc loading, getting clamped onto the spindle motor and the top disc. Some drop the disc onto the spindle motor and the top disc gets clamped down on it, others use a see-saw bracket to push the spindle motor UP to the dvd and the disc on top, then spin the DVD.


When that disc spins is the moment you'll probably hear that noise start.


Now....hopefully you may only need Picture #1 and Picture #5 to remove and lube the spindle motor. The key is starting the unit up with a disc, see if the Spindle motor just sits on top of the DVD disc and you can use a screwdriver like a stethoscope and transmit the NOISE you hear to your head. Then you see if you can gain access to the spindle motor without having to do steps 2 to 4. Only 1 and 5.


That's the fast and easy fix. The harder fix is doing all the steps, and we want to avoid that if possible.


You need a picture of someone using a screwdriver as a stethoscope? Hope not.


Here's the pictures --

Picture #1







graphic Picture #5






Customer: replied 4 years ago.


My disk is inserted from the side and it is then clamped before spinning up. That is when the squeeking noises begin.


I will look closer at the pictures tonight with the player in front of me so it may be tomorrow before i get back to you.






Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Ok, hopefully you don't have to do the full disassembly, but all the pictures are there if you have to.


You understand how we use a screwdriver and stick the handle in our earhole to transmit the vibrations from the business end of the screwdriver to the handle in our ear? It's a little trick I learned working on my car, and it works just as well on Electronic motors. I usually use a flatblade or Philips to verify the noise source. It gets real loud when you are right on the source of the noise.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I am unable to remove the assembly deck due to screw 7 being covered by the fan framework??


I have also found that no Blu-Ray disc will play and the player rejects it stating that " This Disc cannot be Played."


The best i can achieve is a normal DVD that freezes after a while in random places even though the disc is brand new and clean. Unfortunately after a test of 10 other standard DVD's it appears that i can only play the original DVD that I experienced the squeaking noise (now cured??!!??) with and the other DVD's do not even play anything. However they do not immediately reject like the Blu-Ray.


Can you help in any way?


I have tried holding down the Fwd button with no improvement.





Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Ok, that helps considerably.


I am unable to remove the assembly deck due to screw 7 being covered by the fan framework??


Shoot, I destroyed my picture doing the information below. I'll have to rebuild it, but just to let you know, SCREW 7comes out AFTER you pull the WHOLE DVD tray out.


But....I did notice 3 metal TABS on that tray, that might be UNDER the fan and boards....but the instructions show that the whole DVD assembly should come out without having to remove the fan or the boards by the fan.


I do know that Blu Ray discs sometimes need a software update to be added to the unit so that newer Blu Rays will display their picture. Avatar was an example of one Blu Ray that wouldn't function until the player updated its software.


What we need to start with is a factory reset, then download any software updates then try the Blu Ray discs.


To reset your Blu Ray player, try this FIRST with the unit turned on, and no disc inserted. Do not use the remote. It states there is a SKIP button on the player, use that.


Press the SKIP button (on top panel) for more than 5 seconds with no disc inside. All settings including the password XXXXX revert to the factory settings. Don't use this unless absolutely necessary.


When the factory default settings are restored, all the user data stored in the BD data will be deleted.


Click on this link, it should show you Software/Firmware updates, and the top one is a USB update, the bottom one is a CD disc burn. USB is easier.


I hope that shows you the Firmware update and instructions. The top listing is for a USB stick which is easier to format as a FAT32 drive on your computer. USB sticks usually come from the store as FAT32, but some come as NTFS formatting. When you stick a USB stick into your computer, it lists it as a Drive name like F: or G: or E: -- If you highlight that drive name, then RIGHT Click it, and you should see this --




I've numbered the steps in that picture. Last step is to insert the USB stick into the player's USB port, turn on the player, WAIT for it to sense the USB stick, OR.. access the Player's menu, select the SETUP orSUPPORT setting, and in there, you should find Software update.


I believe FIRMWARE updates start when you insert the stick, and power the unit on.

Software updates I believe are ignored until you access the Menu, and select the Update afterwards.


Your TV screen will inform you, so you do have to connect it to your TV set. You may need to reconnect those ribbon cables you took off the drive, but you don't have to do a full reassembly, just enough to operate the Keys on the top cover and insert the USB stick in and see the info display on the TV screen.



Now....this situation here --


best i can achieve is a normal DVD that freezes after a while in random places


a test of 10 other standard DVD's it appears that i can only play the original DVD that I experienced the squeaking noise (now cured??!!??) with and the other DVD's do not even play anything


I suspect the DVD motor can go from bad to worse. The squeaking indicates the DVD motor that spins it may be binding up more. It could also mess with the Blu Ray discs first, then worsen to where the Standard DVDs start having problems. I would want to at least TRY relubing it. the upgrade first if your unit is capable. If you are CLOSER to lubing the unit, make that your priority, so it can get into that dry bearing motor and get it working.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I will try updating the firmware and software tonight as per your instructions as I have held down the Skip button and I was asked what language to use (1=English). Since then I still have the same playing issues with DVD's and Blu-Rays as I did before I held down the Skip button.


With regards to the lubricating, I was unable to remove the Assembly Deck as it appeared that screw 7 was holding it in. I could not make the Assembly Deck budge one bit after a lot of manipulation. To me it appeared that screw 7 was the culprit.


I will try to attach a picture to show you what I mean.


I have held

Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 4 years ago.

Ok, so you cannot get screw #7 to unscrew. But you have to remove the entire Deck assembly out of the plastic case to even access it.



So the fan isn't blocking it if you haven't pulled the DVD player mechanism out of the plastic chassis, so you can get to the #7 screw.


I just hope that you don't have to remove extra boards, because that's not what Samsung shows in those disassembly pictures.


Take the Top cover off, the shield next, then remove the two screws in blue....wiggle the entire assembly out of the plastic casing and have access to screw #7.

That's the way Samsung showed it to me (minus removing the ribbon cables to each assembly)


As for the reset, you were supposed to then ADD any software updates directly afterwards, not play Blu Ray discs immediately. The old software will give you the same response if the Blu Ray discs are giving you the main issues.

It seems that Blu ray manufacturers can make changes and the software updates the player when that happens.