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dantheman2008, Hobbyist
Category: Electronics
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Experience:  Strip down and repair various Electronic items and components for friends and family.
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I have a HDD & DVD/Video Cassette Recorder - RD-XV48DTKB bought

in 2009. The last... Show More
in 2009. The last two programmes that I have recorded from the television (digital) onto the HDD cannot be played back. I don't record many programmes, but one's that I have recorded some time back can still be played bacK. I don't remember altering any settings.
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dantheman2008 :

Hi there. my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try and help you. When you say the recordings cannot be played back, do they play but with no sound and picture, or will the machine not actually allow you to play anything?

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Hi Daniel

These last two recent recordings seem to play, looking at the clock moving on, but with no sound or picture. The older recordings have sound and picture.

Thanks. Brian


Have you tried the simple things like making sure all cables are pushed right in etc? also, if there is another port on the tv for the same cable you are using, try it in one of those and see what happens.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

I have done as suggested but no different.

hmm, very strange! I refuse to be beaten, but please give me some time to do a bit of research. If in the meantime you find an answer, please let me know.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

I recorded another programme last night, the 13 October, but cannot play it back. No sound or picture. I'll wait for your response.


Good evening Brian.
I have had a good think about your problem today, and sadly can not think of many other solutions.
Can you possibly change the cables for known good ones to eliminate them.
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

OK. We'll leave it there

Thanks for trying.


Sorry Brian! I am going to opt out on this one and hopefully someone else can help you further. Please come back to me in future if you need any further help with anything.