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I contacted you 2 months ago re: connecting my laptop to my

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I contacted you 2 months ago re: connecting my laptop to my TV using Hdmi cable, your advice was to get a hdMi to vga convertor, I now have this, but still have problems, mainly the TV screen shows the image from the laptop when laptop first starts, ie screen shows "Starting Windows", but then goes blank when start up goes on to next stage, any clues

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


Windows startup screen's resolution is totally different than the final desktop screen's resolution and refresh rate.


Since you have the startup screen, you now know that the laptop, Hdmi to VGA converter and the TV set are fully operational "hardware-wise"

In other words, you don't have issues with the computer or the converter or the TV set having "broken HDMI parts"


And what it also tells us is that the signal coming OUT of the laptop doesn't match the list of "usable" resolutions/refresh rates that is coming out of the laptop/converter pair.


Now...startup screens are kind of the basic resolutions that all computer monitors have always used for years and years. They have to be generic, and in most cases either 640x480 or 800x600 at 60Hz refresh rate are used.


Your TV can read those. But what is your FINAL resolution you are set at when you look at your display's settings???


And....does your laptop also display on its screen while you are attempting to see it on the TV screen? Do you see BOTH when the startup screen appears on the TV set??


Also, on your laptop, if you right-click the desktop you should be able to access your FINAL resolution settings.


See picture, let's make sure the TV is getting a resolution it can work with, and you can always check the operation by setting it to 480x640 (too large) or 800x600 (better fit on TVs)


See picture --




Always start with what works....and your startup screen does show up on the TV set.

Keep that in mind, now set your monitor #2 to the startup resolution, check it, then walk the resolution UP using the TV's list of usable resolutions and see how the TV handles them.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the startup windows only appears on the tv at startup, the recommended resolution according to the manual is1360x760, but i did try 800x600 but no change , then tried the walk up and still no change

Try 640 x 480 then 800 x 600. Leave it there on 800x600.


Now, let's work on the issue a tad bit differently.


I'm going to blame your LAPTOP....Laptops are software switchable, thus throwing way to many variables into the mix.


Got anything else in your home with hdmi?? Everybody has DVD players and Cable boxes that have HDMI outputs on them.


Why not test the new converter connected to one of the other HDMI connectable devices first? The Vga on the TV should handle it.


I still wonder if your Laptop has Double monitor display on it. I asked, but you didn't tell. Sometimes you have to turn on the HDMI on a Laptop, and we're assuming it is because we see a flash of picture during bootup.

Never trust your laptop to be turned on even though you saw it during bootup.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry, yes the laptop displays 2 monitors 1 and 2, I attached my youview box to the convertor but tv showed mode not supported, i have changed the rsolution for the tv to 8000x600 the lowest it can go, the tv now alternates "no signal" and "Mode not supported" messages

I've only seen those messages on a TV set if the source --VGA or HDMI had an odd signal.

I do recall a lot of the older TV sets couldn't handle computer video, but those were like mid-2005 and earlier models. That's when these converters you bought were first conceived and designed, thus forcing manufacturers to add computer connectablity to TV sets. If the competition added that feature before you did, you didn't sell a lot of TVs that year.


Why does your converter work during startup ....yet lists the operating video on Windows as one it cannot handle? Even from the You View box. That box only puts out "Standard TV" video signals, and it should work just fine on your VGA converter.


recommended resolution according to the manual is1360x760, but i did try 800x600


Hmm, suggested native resolution is 1360x760 -- that has me concerned only because that resolution was available in 2005 models. It didn't stay around long because 720P and 1080i and finally 1080P signal TV sets became the standard.


What's the difference between the startup screen and the normal operating screen on any computer? Why does the You view box also do the same thing? It doesn't do it directly connected to the TV set, but the converter added on to it makes the TV state it's an invalid signal.


I think I better take a look at your old question, get the model number of the TV set, and dig into why the TV didn't handle direct connected HDMI or direct connected VGA connections on your laptop.

I really would have expected the You View box to work with that converter, but it's proved that there is something wrong in this VGA conversion issue.



Ok, I see all the testing we did before on your TV set, and the conclusion we came up with --


The converter was supposed to be a workaround to the HDMI connection too.





Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes it was supposed to solve the problem. But problem persitsts

I have been over the service manual a dozen times looking for any reason your computer won't access a good picture via HDMI or PC input with the converter.




There is no reason your TV shouldn't be capable of generating a valid picture with your LCD TV set.


Logically....the TV's main board is blocking the signal whether its HDMI or the PC signal. The converter should have bypassed any of the HDMI's EDID issues, and it didn't.


BN94-01121S should be the part number found on the TV's main board sticker --




Right now, I'm finding more suppliers out of stock, but those have them in stock right now.


I really was expecting that converter to be an inexpensive bypass for the HDMI, but something on that board has to be blocking the signal, and there is no reason to it.


You've tried resolutions and frame rates, set HDMI 2 to PC mode, you've verified it functions on a second TV...and yet the TV still rejects the PC signal. Even rejected the You View box connected to the converter.


I've checked all 3 converters and none had any specs that wouldn't work with your TV.


There's no reason for the startup screen to display, yet it rejects the windows desktop resolutions.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am afraid I can't afford any more parts that May or may not resolve the issue , I would just as we'll buy an up to date tv. Unless you can think if another resolution

We've pretty much isolated the issue to that board by verifying the laptop functioned with a second TV set, and the converter should have allowed us to view the laptop using the PC input bypassing any possibility the laptop was locked out by HDMI's HDCP or High Definition Copyright Protection Software.


The TV's main board seems to reject even the standard video that your You View box was delivering to the converter.


I would suggest you send the converter back to the company you purchased it from and simply state the converter didn't function on your 2007 Samsung TV set.


We've tested it thoroughly and there are no other options short of replacing the TV's main board to correct the issue.


That TV should be considered for usage in a bedroom or some other place in your home where the need to connect it to your Laptop isn't a priority.


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