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My Samsung VE26C4000PWXXU became pixielated on BBC channels

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My Samsung VE26C4000PWXXU became pixielated on BBC channels 3-4 months ago. Attempts have been made to recongure it without success. The result has been that the TV now cannot find BBC channels. When I press for channel 1 it goes straight to channel 3. I have a small TV in the kitchen and this receives BBC channels perfectly well.
Do you know where this problem probably lies? I would be very grateful for advice.

Hi Frances,

I am Pete, and I'll be happy to assist with your TV question.


Can you please let me know:

1. Are you receiving digital TV channels on the Samsung through an aerial?

2. Are you using an indoor or outdoor aerial?

3. Is the same aerial used for both TVs?

4. Do all other channels appear ok?

5. What postcode area do you live in?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for replying.


1. Yes
2. Outdoor - on the roof

3. Yes.

4. Yes, all the Freeview channels. I don't have Sky - not interested in sport.

5. EX15 2 BG. I did contact the BBC. on line, to enquire about the reception. They assured me that all was in order. This was a while ago.


There are 3 aerial sockets on the ground floor where this TV gets ITV perfectly. The small TV, in the kitchen , which is attached to the wall, gets the BBC perfectly. I checked again lastnight. It just doesn't get subtitles which I need.

Hi Frances,

I can see that there are two transmitters near you.

You should be tuned in to the Stockland Hill transmitter, however you will also be able to pick up weak BBC channels from the Huntshaw Cross transmitter.

What may have happened is that your aerial may be slightly misaligned, causing you to pick up the weaker BBC signals when you perform the reconfiguration.

What I would recommend is either getting your aerial alignment checked, or you could take the TV to someone else's house and use their aerial to reconfigure your TV, then bring it back home with the correctly tuned channels. One other option you could try is to reconfigure the TV using a smaller indoor aerial pointed in the right direction.

If I can be of any further assistance, just let me know!

Best wishes,

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