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Hi Just returned to Switzerland from the US (i am a brit)

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Hi Wurlitzer CD Juke Box

Just returned to Switzerland from the US (i am a brit) and bought a 1015 one more time with me. Was running it throuh a transformer, but my wife plugged it into the 220v. (it is 110)
This blew the 6amp fuse at the transformer. Power is now restored, it selects and plays, but with a constant loud hum. What do you think is wrong ? Is it in my capability for a DIY repair, and are parts available ?

Many thanks
Hi Chris,

Thank you for using Just Answer my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help with your question.

Did you have to change the transformer in the jukebox after it was plugged into 220v or just the fuse. Normally when you plug transformers into higher voltage they go open circuit and need replacing.

Do you have a multimeter, if you do I would test the resistance the transformer coils and also check the voltages coming out.

I did think it might be a ground loop and the service manual says the same. A gnd loop is normally caused by joining two items together like a laptop and a amplifier and you can get a humming through the speaker because of the different earth paths.

The service manual suggests the following

Hum in sound reproduction
Ground loop
Amplifier or CD controller
Gripper arm touches the chassis of the player
in play position
Other connections between player ground and
chassis ground
Ground loop out of the jukebox caused by additional
Amplifier or CD controller defective

It could be the extra voltage has caused the amplifier to fail. Before the fuse blow the transformer could have transformed the 220v but it would have transformed it to double what it should have been.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, I just changed the fuse, everything works as it should now, volume, tone etc, but there is a consistant hum which I guess is the transformer.

Thanks for your help

If you need me to help find any replacement parts feel free to ask.

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