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Shaheen, Technician
Category: Electronics
Satisfied Customers: 588
Experience:  Chief Technical Officer for 2+ years
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my tvio box is stuck. please, how do i get it unstuck

Customer Question

my tvio box is stuck. please, how do i get it unstuck
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  Shaheen replied 4 years ago.

Shaheen :


Welcome to Just Answer.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. My name is Shaheen, and I will try my level best to solve your


Kindly let me know when you are ready...

Shaheen :

It seems that you may be having difficulty joining/using the chat or is offline, I'll close it for now, but you may post back at your convenience and we can continue via message exchange. Thanks!

Please post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Expert:  Shaheen replied 4 years ago.
Dennis, kindly let me know if you see any error message.

Secondly, if the box is connected via HDMI, unplug the power outlet and HDMI cable. After 20 seconds, plug in the power outlet and turn it on without connecting HDMI cable.

Let me know how things comes up.