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Richard Hill
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hi I have samsung digital cam l pal I cant get the tape compartment

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hi I have samsung digital cam l pal I can't get the tape compartment to close when tape inside also need help as I don't have instructions

Do you have the Samsung model number please?

Best Regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi model no isvp-d31pal

Hi Dilys,


Please find the manual attached:


Attachment: 2014-01-18_112038_20050822102107859_b-d30-uk.pdf



Pg 27 covers Inserting and Ejecting a Cassette


Best Regards,



Richard Hill and other Electronics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi can't record or play back what's been recorded thanks
HI Dilys,

Have you managed to load the tape and close the door?

Is it powering up and the display coming on?

Basic recording is performed as follows:

1. Connect a Power source to the camcorder.
(see page 23)
(A battery pack or a AC power adapter)
■ Insert a cassette. (see page 27)
2. Remove the LENS CAP.
3. Set the power switch to the CAM position.
■ Open the LCD monitor.
■ Set the mode switch to the TAPE position.
(VP-D33(i)/D34(i)/D39(i) only)
Make sure that STBY is displayed.
■ If the protection tab of the cassette is open,
STOP and PROTECTION! will be displayed.
■ Make sure the image you want to record
appears in the LCD monitor or viewfinder.
■ Make sure the battery level indicates that there
is enough remaining power for your expected
recording time.
4. To start recording, press the START/STOP button.
■ REC is displayed in the LCD.
To stop recording, press the START/STOP
button again.
■ STBY is displayed in the LCD.

You can play back an existing recording as follows:

1. Hold down the power switch tab and turn it to the PLAYER position.
■ A confirmation sound beeps.
2. Insert the tape you wish to view. (see page 27)
3. Open the LCD screen.
Adjust the angle of the LCD screen and set the brightness or colour if necessary.
4. Press the (REW) button to rewind the tape to the starting point.
■ To stop rewinding, press the (STOP) button.
■ The camcorder stops automatically after rewinding is complete.
5. Press the (PLAY/STILL) button to start playback.
■ You can view the picture you recorded on the LCD.
■ To stop the PLAY operation, press the (STOP) button.

Best Regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi just tried to insert tape it won't close screen says sp tape then beeps and says the letter with an arrow pointing up wards I have got the battery and mains on do I need both thanks
Hi Dilys,

Are you using a Mini DV cassette, rather than an audio cassette?

Insert the cassette into the cassette holder with the window facing outwards and the protection tab at the top.

Press the area labelled PUSH on the cassette holding mechanism until it clicks into place, then close the cassette door.

Have you recorded onto this cassette before?

You don't need mains and battery but it won't do any harm.

Have you set the camera to 'TAPE' using the switch on the side?

Best Regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi the tape compartment dosent go down it still eject the tape I've tried 3different tapes and it still says eject and bleeps like mad also I can't get any images when there's no tape inside all I get is tape flashing when it's been on a while I gestalt he demos on it the letter d seems to come up flashing the cassette part dosent close it still bleeps it says stay but it opens automaticaly

Hi Dilys,


If you're using the correct tapes then unfortunately it seems like this is faulty and will need to be repaired.


Have you had this working in the past?


Best Regards,