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Can you instruct me, please, on how to handle

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Can you instruct me, please, on how to handle the digital clock on my Sony KDL-40V5500 television? It suddenly disappears and I have'nt a clue how to get it back (It resides in the bottom right hand corner of the screen) I have once or twice got it back by fiddling with the icons under the HOME button, but God knows how I did it! Simple instructions please! Phone number 0xxxxxx

Hi there,

The clock can be displayed on your Sony KDL-40V5500 by pressing the 'Info' button twice on the TV's remote control, which is a small round button marked with 'i+/?' and is located towards the top right corner of the cursor arrow buttons.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, your advice worked- for which many thanks. However, before I let you go please advise me further:

1: The failure of the clock to appear has happened 3 or 4 times before,

do you know how or why that should be? Will your solution always be the same?

2: Do you have a view as to why such a simple correction is not furnished by the manufacturers (Sony), or the sellers ( Marks & Spencer)? Regards, XXXXX

Hi Dennis,

1. The clock will disappear when you switch to a different input or inadvertently press the info button on the remote.
The solution will always be the same to get the clock back again.
2. The use of the info button is not very clearly documented in the Sony user guide - perhaps with customer feedback they would highlight its function more prominently.

Best regards,

Pete and other Electronics Specialists are ready to help you