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My home cinema system when switched on comes up with hello

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My home cinema system when switched on comes up with hello , then the word protect and it then switches itself off any idea why.

Please could you provide the make/model number of your system?

Best Regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It is a Samsung serial number PS-RTZ315 bought about 5 years ago. I live in Australia if that helps.
Hi Ian,

The unit is shutting down to protect itself from either an electrical short or overheating.

It can be caused by a short of the speaker wires, so check this by disconnecting each pair at time from the unit until potentially the culprit is found and then check where the short is in then cable, possibly just touching strands of wire at the connection points.

It can also be caused by a lack of ventilation or because the fan is not operating - in this case turn the unit off and let it completely cool down, then turn on and see if the problem has cleared and check to see if the fan is turning (possibly just when it warms up).

Let me know if that helps.

Best Regards,

Hi Ian,

Did you manage to resolve this or do you require any further assistance?

Best Regards,

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