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I have a Kodak esp 3.2 just 14 months old. There is no power

I have a Kodak esp... Show More

I have a Kodak esp 3.2 just 14 months old. There is no power on the machine. I have tried another power supply from another Kodak machine but the printer is dead. is there anything I can do to check why this has happened. I have checked the obvious and the power supplies are alive.


I have also spoken to Pc world where I purchased the machine and tried disconnecting and holding the start button to re boot the machine.

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Hi there,

Most likely a component on the power supply circuitry inside the printer has failed.

However, your printer is still covered by the automatic 2 year EU warranty rule, so PC World should be able to simply replace it for you.
If they seem to be unaware of this law, you can read more about it here:

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

I shall try this and ses what happens. Can I let you know then?

Hi Tony,
Yes, you can return here at any time.
You can also ask free followup questions after rating my service if you need to! :)

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.



I have been back to PC World and it looks as if they may have a change of heart after I checked the EU warranty standards and quoted from it.


I should know within 48 hours. Keep this open and I will let you know.




Great, Tony - it has always worked for me in the past :)

Let me know if you need anything else.
(You can still reply and ask free followup questions after rating my service! :)


Customer reply replied 3 years ago.



i did not have any luck with pc world. however kodak were more helpful and supplied a replacement machine at around half price. please excuse pronunciation i have a problem with my left hand and can only type with my right hand at the moment.


tony denny