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Good Morning Kind & Knowledgeable Technical Person. I have

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Good Morning Kind & Knowledgeable Technical Person.
I have a BD32EO digital TV
Model LE32R73BD
I wish to retune the set but of the five options from MENU the forth one down 'CHANNEL' is greyed out and the cursor jumps it.
I had this problem once previously and I believe that there is a way of getting into the factory rest screen which worked on that occasion.
I believe that the code is INFO MENU MUTE POWER but I do not remember how this is applied. (idiot!)
I would be very grateful if you can give me some guidance.


Mike Whittome

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


the forth one down 'CHANNEL' is greyed out and the cursor jumps it.


That's usually because your TV is set to one of the video inputs, like HDMI 1 or 2, or Video or Component 1 or 2.


Use your SOURCE button on your remote to select TV, which is your TV TUNER. Then it will light up and give you access to it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for looking at my problem.

As you instructed I have ensured that the 'TV' mode was selected on the remote. The problem is still present - i.e. CHANNEL was greyed out and inactive.


For information I tried the other four settings DVD CABLE STB VCR and on none of these was I able to open the MENU at all.


Also out of curiosity I tried this all again with the aerial connected direct to the set and not through the Video, with exactly the same results.


Perhaps you have some further thoughts.





'TV' mode was selected on the remote I tried the other four settings DVD CABLE STB VCR and on none of these was I able to open the MENU at all.


That tells your remote control WHAT device you want to control


Set it back to TV to control the TV set. THEN, look for your INPUT button or SOURCE button and press that to switch your input to TV (tuner). That's the one that lights up the Autostore/Channel Scan setting in your TV's menu


. Look at this picture, on the left it gives you the buttons to push sequentially, then on the right it shows the menu, and the two most important settings to select to get your TV to scan and store channels on your TV set.



Any questions, use your Reply button on Just Answer to continue, ok?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Good Morning,


Thank you for your second email yesterday.


Unfortunately the instructions did not do the trick. After I pressed the SOURCE button I got a message EXT1, on pressing it again it changed to EXT2, abd then again back to EXT1 and the EXT2. Meanwhile I was unable to control the Set and there was no picture; only a message in centre of screen NO SIGNAL. I had to switch off and start again to recover the picture, I could only restart using the ^ to the right of MUTE. The POWER button seemed to have lost control.


However, panic not, I have found the solution! The D.MENU button produces a similar set of five options to the MENU. With this we get the necessary commands to retune. All is now working well.


Good to have been talking to you.



Ah, you must have pressed the TV/DTV button on your remote previous to our conversation, setting your TV tuner to the Analogue tuning we haven't used in years. It's odd you lost control of the power button too with the analogue tuning. Keep an eye on that behavior of your may be a main board issue.

But for now, the Digital Menu does seem to have found the correct Digital TV signals we've been using for a couple years exclusively.
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