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I have a fine scratch on my samsung plasma tv, can this be

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I have a fine scratch on my samsung plasma tv, can this be repaired successfully?
Hi there,

The Samsung plasma TVs have a glass plate in front to help prevent the screen from getting scratched. If the scratch is deep then the glass plate will need to be replaced at a TV repair shop or by returning the TV to Samsung.
If the scratch is not very deep, then you could use a clear coat scratch repair product such as "Nu Finish Scratch Doctor" and apply it carefully with a cotton bud to fill in the scratch. See

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Pete,


I' ve checked out this product, but many say it doesn't help on TV's. Great for cars, but on Plasma's.


Further feedback also states;

There is no way to remove those scratches. Those scratches are gouged into the delicate Anti-Reflective film that's bonded to the outside of your panel. Any attempt to remove them will make the surrounding area look much worse (cloudy and/or rubbed away) so don't do anything other than try to ignore it or not focus on it from now on. The only way to fix it is to replace the whole plasma panel which would probably cost more than just buying a whole new TV.


I really dont want to muck it up and make it worse?

Hi Ian,

This is the best attempt you can make yourself to repair a fine scratch. It's always worth a try - if it doesn't work, then the glass screen will need to be replaced anyway.



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