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Phil.O (Sanman)
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new frost free fridge freezer working fine defrosted over night

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new frost free fridge freezer working fine defrosted over night on its own accord why?

philorme : Hi , thanks for using just answer,
philorme : please can you tell me the make and model?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hotpoint fffl1800

checking into this
Okay a number of things need to be eliminated, i.e.
1)There was no power cut?
2)Nobody switched it off or into Holiday mode, i.e. were all the switches still in normal operation positions the next morning ?
3)The door was not ajar?
4)Was the temperture status showing "ok" ?

One thing that does spring to mind, as you say it was new, was the following manufacturers warning heeded....
"After the appliance has been transported, carefully place it vertically
and wait at least 3 hours before connecting it to the electricity mains" ?

Please reply with detailed info.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry phil when I said new I have had the freezer just over 1 year. it had worked fine. no controls had been altered,door was not ajar,no power cut,my wife said when she opened the door it was not cool air but warm air.

I could ask you lots of questions and diagnose the fault, but probably easier if you go to the following webpage, and it will help you to diagnose where the problem is, you will need to switch it back on to see what happens now, could be if all is okay now that it was just iced up and needed a defrost to clear the ice, also if it works normally for just a couple of hours then fails again, it's probably a compressor problem (may just need re-gassing) be patient the page takes a while to load.


Best Regards Phil

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