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I have a Sony DVD Home Theatre System DAV-DZ280 which I use

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I have a Sony DVD Home Theatre System DAV-DZ280 which I use in conjunction with a Toshiba 32AV615DB television and a Toshiba HDD&DVD Video cassette recorder RDXV59DTKB2. The TV requires two scart sockets to make everything work and the Toshiba 32AV615DB has two. My TV is faulty and I am replacing it but many of the current sets only have one scart socket and the precludes the all round sound system from being used in conjunction with my cassette recorder. Do Sony have a 32 size TV with two scart sockets available and if not, is there any way I could use the all round sound system without a scart lead? From XXXXX XXXXX

I have drawn a diagram to show how the three pieces of equipment are inter-connected and I can send that if it would help.

carlday1 :


Thank you using Just Answer my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help with your question.

Sony do have some tvs that have two scart sockets here is one in currys.

carlday1 :

I also think both the sony dvd player and the toshiba frreview recorder have HDMI ports. I would be possible if both has HDMI to connect them to the tv using HDMI.

Many tvs now have 3 or 4 HDMI as it is the new type of connection


I have looked at the interconnections between the equipment and noted that there is already a lead from an HDMI port on the sound system to one on the TV. There is also a vacant HDMI port on both the TV and cassette player. If I acquire a lead to go between these two ports and make the scart lead between the sound system and TV redundant, would that allow me to use a single scart system TV?

carlday1 :

If you connect the cassette player to the tv using HDMI and the sound system to the tv using HDMI you would not need to use any scarts as the equipment is connected over HDMI.

The only disadvantage with HDMI compared with scart leads is a scart lead can automatically change the tv channel onto the scart input whereas HDMI does not. Some tvs will detect the HDMI signal and turn the set over others don't.

HDMI has a better picture and sound quality.


I don't understand what you mean when you describe the disadvantage. Could you say what it means for me when I am using the equipment? Also, using HDMI leads as opposed to scart leads, does the TV have to be ARC to work (whatever that Means)?

carlday1 :

When you have your equipment connected using scart leads and say you are watch freeview, and you want to watch a dvd when you turn the dvd player on the tv will turn onto the scart channel automatically with hdmi connections this does not always happen so you have to select the HDMI channel using the tv remote.

ARC is audio channel return you will need it on so that the audio signal from the tv is send back to the sound system using the HDMI lead.

Years ago you have had to use two cables to connect your sound system to your tv nowadays you use one HDMI cable


Thanks for that. You have been very helpful.

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