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My GAGGANEAU EB240-111 oven will not heat up! THE LIGHT SOMETIMES

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My GAGGANEAU EB240-111 oven will not heat up! THE LIGHT SOMETIMES COMES ON AND SOMETIMES IT DOES NOT? when it is switched off, there is a fan running sound in the background now that was not there before? display and time is working fine! when i select a cooking mode and temperature, say 100 it shows that that value for 2 secs then the dispaly goes back to clock, also before you would see an arrow on the display to show that the oven is heating up to 100, this is now not happening?
Hi there,
Your symptoms indicate a fault on the oven's control board.
It will likely have to be replaced by a Gagganeau technician.
Usually these ovens are very reliable, and Gagganeau's customer service is very good, so they may replace the board under warranty, even if your warranty cover has expired.
You can arrange the repair through your nearest Gagganeau dealer, or by calling 0844(NNN) NNN-NNNN
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Pete!


I have only just replaced the control knob board at a cost of £163.00 in this oven as the oven light and display would start to flicker and click, this was diagnosed by another technician on just answer in which he correctly found the fault, i purchased the part replaced the board and the oven worked fine that night, all the flickering oven light and time display disappeared!


Next morning switched on oven and the oven light and oven would not heat up? since then sometimes the light will switch on but the oven will still not heat up!


Not very happy, as that other control board is now going to cost £260, cannot believe it, the 2 most expensive parts in this oven both gone wrong in 24 hours, would the fault be related? (If one goes the other goes kaput shortly after?)


im not holding my breath that gaggenau service will replace the part for free as they were happy to take my money for the last fault!

I would definitely complain about the reliability of the boards if two have now failed on you! They may even refund you for the first board if the oven is only a few years old.
The only other thing that might cause this is a power supply problem, perhaps if you have recently had a power cut or thunderstorm that has caused a slight power surge to damage the boards.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Pete!


Oven is 8 years old!


So just to reiterate, we replaced the PC board for the Selector switch which cured the flashing oven light and flashing display fault as advised by another technician on JUSTANSWER.


We then used the Oven after we replaced the board that night and it worked fine!


The next morning, the new fault appeared regarding the main Oven light itermitanly working but the oven will not heat up, the dispay clock appears to be working however you usually see a large arrow on the screen when the oven heats up but this is not happening either?


Is it pure coincidence then that the main operating board has now gone kaput, as im worried about oredering this part for £260 if this is not the problem!


we are not very happy with the Gaggenau engineer who originally came to our house to fix the flashing light display fault, he claimed it was moisture behing the dispaly and that it would eventually dry out, so hence why we have resorted to JUST ANSWER for help and replaced the defective parts ourselves!


So should I order the part today?


By the way, many thnaks for your speedy response!







Hi Adam,

I did not realise your oven was so old! At 8 years old, Gaggenau are unlikely to offer a free replacement.
If there is any evidence of moisture around the display or the control board, this could have caused the board to fail too.
Either way, the part will need to be ordered and fitted.

It's been a pleasure to assist you!

If you need anything else, just let me know at any time, even after rating my service :)


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Pete


Is this board as easy to fit as the board I fitted for the selector switch?







It's a bigger board, but the same procedure applies:
disconnect the old board and remove it, then fit the new board in its place and reconnect it.
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