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The lap/reset button on my Edge 800 has stopped functioning.

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The lap/reset button on my Edge 800 has stopped functioning. The trip history is now just one long trip instead of individual trips. Prior to this I had big problems with pairing the Edge and the GSC 10. It seemed to resolve itself then the lap/reset problem popped up. Regards, XXXXX XXXXX Aberdeen, UK.
Hi Alec,

The microswitch under the lap/reset button is either defective or is not getting activated when the button is pressed.
The Edge device will need to be disassembled, and the microswitch can then be tested and repaired as necessary.
If you have some experience in electronic repairs, you can attempt this yourself, otherwise a local electronics repair shop can have a look at it for you.
Alternatively, if the Edge device is still under warranty (2 years in the EU) you should return it to the retailer or contact Garmin directly for a warranty repair.
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