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Hi, Im looking to find if there is a universal remote control

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Hi, I'm looking to find if there is a universal remote control code for a Panasonic TB320 Soundbar and a Panasonic P50LED14 television set.

I have a Silvercrest SFB 10.1 B2 remote
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Electronics
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replied 3 years ago.
Hi, my name is***** will assist you.
Use Viera Link to set default speakers to home theater. You can also set it to turn the soundbar on/off with the TV if you want. Any remote that can control your TV will then adjust soundbar volume.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Randy, I'm really sorry, I've made a stupid mistake! Both the TV and the soundbar are POLAROID branded, not Panasonic! I had Panasonic in my head after reading the word multiple times in the remote guide book.


To confirm:

TV: Polaroid P50LED14 50" LED

Soundbar: Polaroid TB320

Remote: Silvercrest SFB 10.1 B2


I know the TV unit is made by another company but branded Polaroid. No info on the soundbar other than the model number.

*ElectronicsTech, Customer Service replied 3 years ago.

Okay, I will check on that for you.

The following remote codes are published for your device.


Universal (5 digits): 10765, 10865, 11262, 11276, 11286, 11314, 11316, 11326, 11327, 11328, 11341, 11498, 11523, 11766, 11826, 11962, 11991, 11992, 12002.