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I have had a Sagem PVR6200T digital recorder for several years

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I have had a Sagem PVR6200T digital recorder for several years and it has given good service up till now. However I cannot receive certain Tv channels, notably ITV4 (channel 24). Yesterday I did a full channel search but still can't get certain channels. I can live without them but now the machine has gone haywire! When I switch it on it defaults to Channel 67. Pushing another channel button on the remote brings up the channel number on the TV screen but no picture and further button pushing has no result. On switching on I can bring up the list of recorded programmes but cannot scroll between them. I feel that the machine locks up after receiving only one command and has to be switched off then on to obtain, say, the menu. New batteries has no effect. Any ideas?
carlday1 :


carlday1 :

Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help with your question.

I would suggest you try a factory reset it is reciver setting and then select reset factory default.

This will reset the box all channels and settings will be lost, it should not effect any recordings but I would not like to guarantee this so there is a small chance you might lose your recordings

Customer: Hi Carl. Thanks for replying to my questions but I am afraid that your solution will not work! I mentioned that the machine locks up after just one command and I cannot go to the next stage. Therefore if I go to 'menu' I cannot go to 'receiver settings' then into ''reset factory defaults'. However, when we call up the list of recorded programmes we can sometimes play back the highlighted one and scroll to another to watch which is an improvement to one of the problems although it doesn't always work. We hope to clear this list before we lose them. In the meanwhile I will not record anymore programmes until the problem is solved. Regards, Alan.
carlday1 :

Thank you for your reply, I am sorry I misread your post before and missed the fact the box was locking up. Have you tried unplugging the box from the wall for a few minutes?

The box has software that can sometimes get messed up the best way to restart the software is to unplug the box from the wall.


Hi Carl. Yes, I have tried unplugging the box. I know this sometimes works with my other machines but had no joy with this one. Alan

carlday1 :

I have had another look at some service information for sagem and the reset sequence is this on other PVR it might be worth trying on your box.

1. Turn off the unit for 15 minutes to cause a full reset.
2. Turn on the PVR with everything attached except the antenna input.
3. You will get an Er09 on the display. No output on the TV screen whatsoever (totally black screen).
4. Press 'OK' on the remote
5. The box reboots in standby mode.

Customer: Hi Carl. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it tomorrow because, as I mentioned before, we can sometimes access the recorded programmes and this seems to be in the evenings only! Hopefully we will view the last of them this evening and not lose them by rebooting. Will let you know the outcome. Alan.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for you latest suggestion. I pulled the antenna but did not get the message 'er09' on the display, only the usual 'init' (initialising?). The TV screen said 'Problems receiving the signal. Please check your aerial antenna'. I replaced the antenna,pressed okay and suddenly all seems to be working! For the moment I will not try rebooting. I have experimented with a timed recording of a TV programme and it worked.
Late last night we succeeded in watching one of the previously recorded programmes and early this morning (05.30) I downloaded the remaining recorded film onto DVD. Why we could only access them at these times is a mystery.
So, fingers crossed, all seems to be okay. Thanks very much for the efforts you made to solve the problem. Best regards, Alan.
Hi Alan,

I am pleased to hear it is working at the moment, if you have any other problems with it let me know and I will see what I can suggest to help.