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JamesI, Technician
Category: Electronics
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We have a Panasonic telephone system with answering machine

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We have a Panasonic telephone system with answering machine : Model PNLC1018.
Please could you tell us the procedure for remote calling? We seem to have mislaid the instructions.
Thank you very much!
JamesInch :


JamesInch :

I have been looking on the panasonic website and they dont appear to list this answer machine model, they only list a charger for a cordless phone.
Are you able to confirm what the phone model is?

JamesInch :

  1. I am assuming your phone is a model KX-TG9381 or some similar, the manual for this phone can be found here.
    Page 40 has a section for remote access, which details how to setup your answer phone.

  2. In essence this invovles,

  3. A. Set the 3 digit code you want to use to acces the system by
    i. Press menu
    ii. Enter #306
    iii. Key in the 3 digit code
    iv. Select save.

    B. Accessing the answer the phone remotly
    1. Call the number the answer phone is connected to from another phone (eg a Mobile)
    2. Wait for the greet to be played.
    3. During the greet dial in the 3 digit code set above
    4. The unit will then advise how many message you have and give you options to listen to them

JamesInch :

If this doesnt work or you need further guidance please let me know the phone model number and ill look into the matter further, however if this answers your questions, I would be appreciated if you could rate my response.

Have a good evening.

JamesInch :



Thank you for your answer. the model we have (4 handsets in the house, each one on its own base) - is Panasonic PNLC1018. 1EBQA


1EBQA is also a number I find at the bottom of each base.


I assume PNLC1018 is the model number.


I don't have any supplementary information.


I won't be able to continue this dialogue before tomorrow pm.


I will welcome your new input. Thank you. LD

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear James

Thank you for your answer.
After sending you a few lines, I just identified the model under the recording unit : KX-TG6621E
(although there is also on a sticker next to it : KX - TG6624EB!)

Is your advice also valid for this model?

Thank you.

Best wishes


Hi Lance,

The manual for the answer phone you have can be found at

The good news is the settings for enabling remote access are exactly the same as the ones I gave you for the other model.

They can be found using the manual above on the top left of page 35.

You first press the menu button, then dial #306, enter the 3 digit pin you wish to use, and press OK

You then just call the phone number the answer phone is plugged into and enter your 3 digit pin when the answer phone plays the greeting.

Should you need any other assistance please let me know, otherwise I would appreciate if you could rate my response so I can close this case.

Many thanks.