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JamesI, Technician
Category: Electronics
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Experience:  I have provided on site support for a range of devices from media to telecoms.
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Hi i have a pioneer SC-LX81 theatre amp and am trying to reconnect

Customer Question

Hi i have a pioneer SC-LX81 theatre amp and am trying to reconnect after a house move to
a LG flatscreen.
I have the HDMI coming out of the Out 1 HDMI CTRL and into the no1 (there are 3) HDMI
into the TV
I have a picture but NO sound
Dave Flanders
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  JamesI replied 3 years ago.
JamesInch :

Hi Dave,
Did you previously have the amp connected via HDMI?

JamesInch :

Looking at page 19 of the manual it suggests

1 Connect the MONITOR OUT video jack to a video

input on your TV.

Use a standard RCA/phono jack video cable to connect to

the composite video jack, or for higher quality video, use

an S-Video cable to connect to the S-Video jack.

2 Connect a composite or S-Video output on your

DVD player to the DVD VIDEO or DVD S-VIDEO input.

Connect using a standard video cable or an S-Video


3 Connect a coaxial-type


digital audio output on

your DVD player to the COAXIAL IN 1 (DVD) input.

Use a coaxial cable designed for digital audio.

4 Connect the stereo audio outputs on your DVD

player to the DVD AUDIO inputs.

Connect using a stereo RCA/phono jack cable.

JamesInch :

In my view it sounds like you are missing the optical audio input from the amp to the tv

JamesInch :

Page 23 explains about digital optical input

JamesInch :

It may be worth explaining what your audio source is, are you just using the TV for viewing images, or are you using it for watching Freeview?
If its just to watch Sky, then you wont need to take an optical out from the TV, if your trying to watch Freeview then you need to take the optical out on the TV and put it into the optical in on the amp

JamesInch :

The optical in port on the amp is called IN 1 (TV\SAT) and found just behind the HDMI socket


Hi James


sorry but the question was using HDMI cables the above says use S cables and phono cables.


i should point out that this has been working fine for 3 years at previous address with HDMI & optical cables.


its my stupidity that i did not pay more attention when i re packed it .





JamesInch :

Hi Dave,
Can you confirm if your trying to get an audio output from the TV?
If so is the Optical out from the TV plugging into the optical input of the amp?

JamesInch :

As my guess is you have HDMI and Optical on different ports eg HDMI In 1 and Optical In 2