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recording from TV screen picture sourced from HDMI input on

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I have a Panasonic DVD recorder with HDD. In the specs it says that I can record what shows on a Panasonic TV screen regardless its source such as from HDMI input. Is that true and which Panasonic TVs allow for this? My present TV has HDMI inputs so I have it connected to the web via my laptop and watching TV channels not on Freeview in UK so I want to record on my DVD the HDMI TV picture on the screen.
Hi, my name is***** will assist you.
The Panasonic DVD Recorder will record anythong that is showing on your screen as long as it is going through the DVD, if the DVD Recorder does not have HDMI input then the HDMI will not record. The source has to go through the DVD Recorder.You will need a DVD Recorder like this one>PLEASE CLICK HERE<
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Randy,

Your answer is not quite what I am asking. I of corde have a Panasonic DVD recorder with which I am very satisfied. The signal from my Humax box goes directly into my recorder via scart hence everything on Humax is recorded. My problem is that I want to have the option of recording web broadcasts that I watch on my non-Panasonic TV via an HDMI input on my TV with the signal coming from my HDMI output on my laptop. As you know there are no recorders with HDMI inputs. From the Panasonic manual I understand it is possible to see and record anything I see on a Panasonic TV that has a special link function to a Panasonic DVD. is this true for a signal coming to the TV via a Panasonic TV HDMI input so as to record it using a Panasonic DVD or will there be a "handshake" that will block it from recording (sort of when you try to copy a rented DVD? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.Leontg

I am thinking that the meaning of recording anything on the screen will have to be through the dvd as the source. What is the model number of your DVD recorder?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I am at work right now so I cannot provide you with the info regarding my Panasonic DVD recorder. I will send you this info as soon as I can. I appreciate that a signal has to go through A2 on recorder and that is what I am doing right now successfully but that only allows recordings from a scart output namely on my digibox. From
Manual it seems they are talking of an alternative connection between a Panasonic TV and Pabasonic DVD. Thanks and I will let you know.
okay, sounds good. I will be here, let me know that info and we will work on your solution.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Randy

Did you receive from me the Panasonic DVD model details which you requested last week and which I sent you this week? Thanks.


no, sorry I did not receive the model. This is the first reply from you that I have gotten. I only get hte replies that you send here in this session. Let me know that model number please>
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Randy, Here's that information you requested: Panasonic DVD recorder Model DMR-EX86EB
On p. 43 of my manual there is a description of Linked operations with a Panasonic TV (Viera Link HDAVI Control/Q Link). if I undetstand this correctly, anything I see on such a TV is linked with a Panasonic DVD recorder under AV1. But is that true regardless the source of the pocture on the TV. Let's say I connect my HDMI input on the TV with an HDMI output on my laptop. No problem in seeing the picture on my laptop on my TV but will automatically show up on my AV1 input on my recorder? I realise that I need to connect with my dvd via a Scart output on the TV as no dvd's have have an HDMI input. The VIERA TV has two Scarts but they could be only two Scart inputs with no Scart output. My present set up is Humax Freeview connected via AV2 to my DVD. If there is an output Scart on a Panasonic TV I would simply switch to AV1 for HDMI sourced picture on my TV and record that picture on my DVD. Will that work? Thanks!
okay, does the tv have an av out that is connnected to the dvr av in?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My present TV does not have AV1. what about the link between a Panasonic TV snd Panasonic dvd recirder described in the manual?

okay, that link is referring to the Panasonic having the source connected to it first and the signal then going to the tv. The manual does say that it will record anything on the screen which is a bit misleading because it does have to be connected as an input on the dvd first.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
So I just have to get myself another tv with either a scart output (which may be difficult to find) or one with an AV1 output to link with AV1 on my recorder via Scart input and as long as I also have an HDMI input onsuch a Tv I will be able to record on the DVD in AV1 mode the picture on the TV. Do I understand you correctly? Or is the AV1 ouput on the TV only show picture from AV1 input and hence antenna and not HDMI sourced signal? Thanks. Leon
yes, the av out will work. Let me chck on some other options for you. I use a progarm on my computer called Replay Media Catcher. I willl get you that info also.