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I have a Philips 26PFL5522 tv. Each time I switch on I have

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I have a Philips 26PFL5522 tv. Each time I switch on I have to go through the set-up process and service scan. It then works ok until switched off (to standby), but when switched on again the next day we go through the process.
Pete :

Hi there!

Pete :

The reasons for this fault are two fold:

  • Firstly the problem is caused by the new Freeview channels being broadcast in a newer 8K format, as opposed to the 2K format they used to be in. Before digital switchover some channels were broadcast in 2K and some were broadcast in the newer 8K format. After digital switchover all channels are now broadcast in just the 8K version. This is no problem for most TVs as they are new enough to have the technology to accept both types and store then accordingly. Older TVs though dont have the 8K technology so they are unable to store the channels.

  • Secondly, a fault lies in the firmware for some Philips TVs. The way the software works is by first scanning the 2K channels, saving them in memory then scanning the 8K channels and saving them in memory. By default for a brand new installation, if there are no 2K channels present, these are skipped and the 8K ones are scanned and saved – everything ok! However, since your TV is not new and was tuned in previously, the firmware problem prevents you from saving the new 8K channels.

Pete :

What you need to do is simple..

  • On the Side/Top of the TV there will be a menu button.

  • While the TV is switched on:

  • Press and hold this menu button for 20-30 seconds

  • This should force the TV to do a full Factory reset – the screen will go blank and then come back on.

  • Re-tune your Philips TV

  • Save the channels

  • All channels should now be saved in the memory and after a turn off and on, all channels should still be there.

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