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My Samsung Tab 3 is charging up fine and shows its fully charged

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My Samsung Tab 3 is charging up fine and shows its fully charged but if I remove the mains lead and start using it it just shuts off after a few minutes - if I replace the charger I can start it up again - so have got to the point where I am using it with mains charger plugged in all the time!

Hi, My name is***** am sorry to hear that happened. What is the approximate purchase date of the Samsung Tab?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

have had it for about 6 months - this problem has only occured in the last couple of weeks

Okay, the battery should still be charging and operating normally. Lets try a reset first,

To back up your data and apps, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Backup and reset.
    Note: You must be logged in to a Google account to back up your apps. If necessary, tap Backup account, tap Add account, and then follow the prompts to log in to or create a Google account.
  4. If necessary, tap Backup my data to select the check box.
  5. If necessary, tap Backup account to select the check box.
  6. Tap the Back key and then tap Google.
  7. Tap your email address.
  8. Make sure the check box for all desired app categories is selected. If necessary, tap the category to select the check box.
  9. Tap Sync now.
  • Power off the tablet.

  • Press and hold the Home button, the Volume Up button and the Power button. When you see the Samsung Galxy Tab 3 logo release only the Power button. Now you are in the Androyd recovery menu.

  • Use the volume keys to scroll and the Power key to choose.

  • Now select one by one:

  • - "Wipe data / factory reset"

  • - "Yes - erase all user data"

  • - "reboot system now"

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Its late here now so will try tomorrow and get back to you to let you know if it worked

sounds good. Let me know if you need anything.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Having problems backing up data - tablet says sync not working at present - also when go to google email address there already so where do I type it in?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Looks like there is a problem with Google sync anyway! -

okay, is your wifi working on the Samsung Tab 3?
  1. Tap the Home Key, and then tap the apps button.
  2. Tap Settings, and then tap Wi-Fi.
    • If Wi-Fi is off, slide the slider to the on position (the slider will be green). The tablet will scan for wireless networks automatically. You can also tap the scan button.
    • Note: Verify Flight mode is turned off, if flight mode is on you cannot connect to a network.

  1. The device lists the Wi-Fi networks in range.
    • If your Wi-Fi network appears, tap to select your network, if Security is enabled enter the Password ***** your network, and then tap Connect.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There' s no problem with the wifi connection that is working fine as are all the other Google sync connections - only the app data sync isn't working - it has a red exclamation mark next to it and at the bottom of the screen it says "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly"

okay, that will not be a problem. You can go ahead with the reset. Then when the reset is finished you can go to Googlke Play store and reinstall all of your apps.
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