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my Digihome 32182SM HDLED came without a User Manual, and the

Customer Question

my Digihome 32182SM HDLED came without a User Manual, and the CD supplied doesn't do anything. How do I find out how to set up wireless internet?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.
Plumberpro :

Try the CD in a computer as it may be a data disk

JACUSTOMER-hhgglyju- :

I've done that - it contains no human-readable files, and I'm not willing to compromise my computer by running "setup"

Plumberpro :

Ok. I can't find the manual online so will opt out to see if anyone else is able to locate it for you .all the best with it

JACUSTOMER-hhgglyju- :

Thank you - I couldn't find an on-line manual either. Will await help

JACUSTOMER-hhgglyju- :

I have to go out now - will check when I return, but I might not be on hand to give you an immediate reply. Many thanks.

Plumberpro :


Expert:  JamesI replied 3 years ago.
CAn you advise who told you this device support wireless internet access, I can find details about the unit but none of the specifications say it supports a WIFI dongle.
If you could let me know, I can then double check with them, however it is looking like you will need to use the LAN cable and plug in a powerline adapater.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There was a USB Wireless plug-in in the box. I've plugged it into the USB port, and gone through Menu/Settings/Network to get to Wired/Wireless. Selecting Wireless and waiting for it to search brings up a very familiar list of all the neighbours' broadcasting routers - the same list I get on my PC. So at least it works that far.


What it doesn't bring up is the name of my own router. I don't recall setting it up to "Do Not Broadcast" when it was installed, and I can't find anything under Windows 7 Control Panel which enables me to toggle Broadcast on and off. Trying the usual route just hangs.


Since PlumberPro was last in touch, I have managed to find a copy of a manual for this TV, but it doesn't take me any further forward. Unless you've any suggestions on how to get my router to come up on the list on the TV, I will have to resort to a cable connection.