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Pete, Engineer
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Viera TX-P42G20B: has always cut off either side of the TV

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Viera TX-P42G20B: has always cut off either side of the TV picture, channel/zoom size makes no difference and switching overscan on / off does not cure it. No option to switch to HD V2 so far as I can tell - tried every option on the remote and nothing works.
Is there a "fix"?
BTW feed is cable TV from Virgin, if that makes a difference
Pete :

Hi there,

Pete :

Yes, the feed makes a difference.

Pete :

If changing the Zoom setting on the TV does not help, then you will need to adjust the picture settings on the Virgin cable box.

Pete :

If you have a TiVO box:

Pete :

  1. Select Help & Settings on the Home screen.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Select Video Output.

  4. You can now adjust different settings for your TV, including widescreen and picture format options.

Pete :

If you need any further assistance, just let me know!

Pete :

Best, Pete :)

Pete and 3 other Electronics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't have TiVO, and the actual routine was slightly different, but your advice helped me fix an issue with which I've been putting up for years. Picture looks a bit "tall" now, but that's probably jus because become used to it being "stretched" in the past.

Thanks heaps, great advice and well worth the money!

Glad to hear it worked!
Thanks for the Excellent rating and bonus! It is really appreciated :)
If you have any future electronics or computer questions, please keep me in mind and start your question with "For Pete:" so that I pick it up.
Have a great weekend!