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I have just bought a Pioneer SC-LX88 AV amplifier and connected

Customer Question

I have just bought a Pioneer SC-LX88 AV amplifier and connected it to my Thomson router via class 6 Ethernet cable, installed last version of Spotify app in an iPad running iOS8.1 connected wirelessly to the same LAN network and bought a Premium Spotify account.
I think these are the conditions for things to work. But the Pioneer simply doesn't appear in the Spotify app. I tried everything, I even updated the Pioneer firmware to the last Dolby Atmos firmware, but nothing seems to solve the problem! Have you any suggestions that can help me? Thanks.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  Pete replied 3 years ago.
Pete :

Hi there,

Pete :

This may be a network/router issue.

Pete :

If you haven't already done so, turn off all devices, including the router.

Pete :

Wait a few minutes, then power on the router first.

Pete :

Once it is fully booted, power on the Pioneer, and then your iPad.

Pete :

Let me know if that helps.

JACUSTOMER-8zrp0tds- : I did as you said and the problem still persists: the amplifier doesn' appear in the devices list in Spotify. What's next now?
JACUSTOMER-8zrp0tds- : Hi there? I just had the idea of issuing several ping commands from the console in my PC to the amplifier's IP address and all packets reached the target in less then 1ms (0 lost)... So, everything seems to be OK; I really don't understand what is going on...
Pete :

Hi, I have seen this issue before with Spotify

Pete :

It is usually related to either a network issue with the router, or a software issue with the devices.

Pete :

Try force-closing all open apps on the iPad, then press and hold the power button to shut it down.

Pete :

Start it up again and launch the Spotify app only, and check if the amplifier is now showing.

JACUSTOMER-8zrp0tds- : I had already done that with no results...
Pete :

Ok, let me see if the other experts have any idea.

JACUSTOMER-8zrp0tds- : Thanks a lot, because I have no more ideas... Is it possible that this could be a problem of the Spotify app in iOS8.1 not yet solved by The Spotify folks?
Pete :

Yes, it's very possible -

Pete :

if you can get access to an iPad or other iOS device that is not yet upgraded, it would be very interesting to see if it works ok.

JACUSTOMER-8zrp0tds- : I had an idea: should the Pioneer AV amplifier be connected to the router via Wi-Fi, intead of Ethernet cable?
Pete :

It does not matter - either connection to the network is fine.

Pete :

HOWEVER - Spotify have always quoted "same WiFi network", and now you mention it, I do remember some reports of it not working via ethernet some time ago...

JACUSTOMER-8zrp0tds- : Well, well, well... It seems You now owe me &22, because I am telling you how I solved my problem: the solution lies inthe
JACUSTOMER-8zrp0tds- : Oops!... in the router configuration: you must enable "Allow multicast from Broadband Network" option... Et voila. Of course, this information is FREE!
Pete :

I did say originally "this may be a network/router issue" :)