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Can I add the Amazon Instant Video app to my Panasonic smart

tv? If yes, please quote... Show More
tv? If yes, please quote the proceedure. Many thanks, Bert.
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Yes, you can use the app on your Panasonic tv.
Follow these steps to register your Panasonic device with Amazon Instant Video.

    • Locate the Amazon Instant Video app on your Panasonic.
    • Navigate to "Your Video Library" and write down the 5-digit code on screen.
    • On your computer, go to, insert the 5 digit code when prompted and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration.
Please let me know if you need any other assistance.
Please take a moment to rate my service positively.
Thank you very much!
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
Hi Randy , the app does not appear on the app screen, the last one is Accu Weather.
okay, what is the model number of the Panasonic?
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
okay, thank you. Let me check on that model for you.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
OK model no. Correct, I just copied it off operating instructions.
okay, unfortunately that model is not supported in the U.K.
The only option for that model will be to connect via hdmi cable from a computer or get a set top box or blu ray player that is enabled for Amazon Instant Video. Hereis a list>
LG BP530R 2013
LG BP630 2013
LG BP730 2013
LG BP420 2012
LG BP520 2012
LG BP620 2012
Samsung BD-H6500 2014
Samsung BD-H8500 2014
Samsung BD-H8509 2014
Samsung BD-H8900 2014
Samsung BD-H8909 2014
Samsung BD-HM65 2014
Samsung BD-F5900 2013
Samsung BD-F6500 2013
Samsung BD-F6700 2013
Samsung BD-F6900 2013
Samsung BD-F6909 2013
Samsung BD-F7500 2013
Samsung BD-F8500 2013
Samsung BD-F8509 2013
Samsung BD-F8900 2013
Samsung BD-F8909 2013
Samsung BD-FM59 2013
Samsung BD-E5900 2012
Samsung BD-E5900A 2012
Samsung BD-E5900K 2012
Samsung BD-E5900KA 2012
Samsung BD-E6100 2012
Samsung BD-E6100A 2012
Samsung BD-E6500 2012
Samsung BD-E6500A 2012
Samsung BD-E8300 2012
Samsung BD-E8300A 2012
Samsung BD-E8300M 2012
Samsung BD-E8300N 2012
Samsung BD-E8300P 2012
Samsung BD-E8300S 2012
Samsung BD-E8309S 2012
Samsung BD-E8500 2012
Samsung BD-E8500A 2012
Samsung BD-E8500M 2012
Samsung BD-E8500N 2012
Samsung BD-E8500P 2012
Samsung BD-E8500S 2012
Samsung BD-E8509S 2012
Samsung BD-E8900 2012
Samsung BD-E8900A 2012
Samsung BD-E8900M 2012
Samsung BD-E8900N 2012
Samsung BD-E8900P 2012
Samsung BD-E8900S 2012
Samsung BD-E8909S 2012
Samsung BD-EM59 2012
Samsung BD-EM59A 2012
Samsung BD-EM59C 2012
Samsung BD-EM59CA 2012
Samsung BD-ES6000 2012
Samsung BD-ES7000 2012
Samsung D5300 2011
Samsung D5500 2011
Samsung D5700 2011
Samsung D6500 2011
Samsung D6700 2011
Samsung D7500 2011
Samsung E5700 2011
Sony BDP-S1200 2014
Sony BDP-S4200 2014
Sony BDP-S5200 2014
Sony BDP-S6200 2014
Sony BDP-S7200 2014
Sony BDP-S1100 2013
Sony BDP-S3100 2013
Sony BDP-S4100 2013
Sony BDP-S5100 2013
Sony BDP-BX39 2012
Sony BDP-BX59 2012
Sony BDP-S190 2012
Sony BDP-S390 2012
Sony BDP-S490 2012
Sony BDP-S495 2012
Sony BDP-S590 2012
Sony BDP-S790 2012
Sony BDP-BX18 2011
Sony BDP-BX38 2011
Sony BDP-BX58 2011
Sony BDP-S185 2011
Sony BDP-S280 2011
Sony BDP-S380 2011
Sony BDP-S480 2011
Sony BDP-S580 2011
Sony BDP-S780 2011
Sony BDP-BX37 2010
Sony BDP-BX57 2010
Sony BDP-S270 2010
Sony BDP-S370 2010
Sony BDP-S470 2010
Sony BDP-S570 2010
Sony BDP-S770 2010

Set-Top Box

Manufacturer and ModelYear
Fire TV 2014
Samsung STB-E7500 2012
Samsung STB-E7500A 2012
Samsung STB-E7500M 2012
Samsung STB-E7500N 2012
Samsung STB-E7500P 2012
Samsung STB-E7500S 2012
Samsung STB-E7509S 2012
Samsung STB-E7900 2012
Samsung STB-E7900A 2012
Samsung STB-E7900M 2012
Samsung STB-E7900N 2012
Samsung STB-E7900P 2012
Samsung STB-E7900S 2012
Samsung STB-E7909S 2012
Sony SMP-N100 2011