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bluextc89, Repair & Installation
Category: Electronics
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This is a question about a DVD DMR-EX93EB My machine will

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This is a question about a DVD DMR-EX93EB
My machine will not switch on either using the remote or manually on the on/off button on the machine. Power is getting through as the time is being shown correctly. Can you help please?
Thanks for stopping by:
I see your question has sat on the open board for quite some time, and I wanted to give some possible insight as to why.
#1 - the model number does not appear to be valid. Please re-check and re-post if it is not correct.
#2 - even with a valid model number... short of unplugging the unit from the wall and waiting for 5 minutes, there is no other end-user troubleshooting. It will need to be opened up and tested by a professional technician for proper voltages at various test points within the unit.
#3 - there is not a good probability of the expert getting a good rating, as the answer will be bad news.
In most cases it is simply cheaper to buy a new one (unless it is a simple fix like a fuse on the power supply board.) than to have it troubleshot and repaired by a local electronics technician.
An educated guess on the problem based on the symptoms you have stated is that the turn-on relay on the power supply board has failed. This would allow the front panel to illuminate the time, but would not allow the unit to turn on. It takes the signal from the IR receiver or front panel button, and allows electricity to flow to the rest of the boards and drives. Without the signal (via the relay) - the unit cannot get power.
If you have additional - Just Ask.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am aware that it is a model that is a few years old but had hoped to get some help with why I cannot turn the machine on

What kind of help are you looking for?

Do you have a digital multimeter, and can you test live voltages? Most do not, and cannot, and unfortunately, there is no easy reset. This is a consumer grade product that is not designed for easy access and repair.

You can try a global reset by unplugging the unit from the wall, and press/hold the power button on the unit for 10 seconds. Then plug in and re-try.

Beyond that, there is nothing you can do short of opening it up and testing the circuit boards at various points to try and determine the failure.

I'm sorry you feel the service did not fulfill your needs, however not every problem can be solved easily as hoped.

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