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How do I reset my Denon udra-m10 tuner-amplifier. It is displaying

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How do I reset my Denon udra-m10 tuner-amplifier. It is displaying "protect" in the digital display. Thank you.
carlday1 :


Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help with your question.

When a denon product displays protect it is in protection mode to prevent further damage to the unit. It is sometimes caused by faulty speakers or maybe a wire got shorted while the unit was on. It is also caused when compents inside the unit have gone faulty and need replaceing.

JACUSTOMER-ou88x3ih- : How do I reset it?
carlday1 :

I am just reading the service manual on the reset procedure could you unplug all connections from the unit except the power.

JACUSTOMER-ou88x3ih- : Done
carlday1 :

Thank you bear with me it is not listed in the manual and I will check elsewhere

JACUSTOMER-ou88x3ih- : Any news?
carlday1 :

Sorry i am searching all the databases I have and I cannot confirm the correct reset

JACUSTOMER-ou88x3ih- : Ok, can you please refund my deposit. Thank you.
carlday1 :

I am sorry I cannot help would you like me to opt out and let other experts have a look at the question.

JACUSTOMER-ou88x3ih- : Yes please
carlday1 :

Sorry I could not help

carlday1 :

I have searched and the only reference I can find to resetting the unit is to unplug for 5 secs it does not seem to have any other reset feature. I suspect that the output transistors have failed and that is why the unit is stuck in protect mode. I have opted out so other experts can have a look at it. I

JACUSTOMER-ou88x3ih- : Ok, thank you, ***** ***** not answered my question satisfactorily, so please refund my deposit. Many thanks.
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