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I have a Denon DRA_F102 DAB Amp/receiver.After recently

Customer Question

I have a Denon DRA_F102 DAB Amp/receiver.
After recently disconnecting it and moving it CAREFULLY it now will not power up when I try to switch it on. I have changed fuses but to no avail. Help please
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Electronics
Expert:  carlday1 replied 3 years ago.


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I am sorry to hear you are having trouble does the unit show any lights at all or is it completely dead?

JACUSTOMER-av67zcp8- :

I'm afraid there is nothing carl, no light or power. Alas the power cable goes straight into the amp so I can't just try another.


Denon amps tend to have one or two fuses inside the amp, Would you feel happy unscrewing the lid to have a look at those fuses?

JACUSTOMER-av67zcp8- :

Carl, I have removed the cover, easy bit. I checked the mains connection which showed live, I have one of those tiny screwdrivers which light up. As you said there are two fuses which look ok but no light in me screwdriver when I made contact. I did this with my finger on the standby switch and off. Could the switch be at fault? I can switch via the remote also

JACUSTOMER-av67zcp8- :

as above



What is the switch like is it an on/off switch that is switching the mains supply?

Could you send me a photo of the fuse area of the amp?