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Sony Bravia W60B (40" LED/LCD) bought last week. Last night

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Sony Bravia W60B (40" LED/LCD) bought last week. Last night the TV fell off the wooden stand I have used for 4 TVs over the years. I am sure the 'wire dual purpose stand', that Sony seems to be using these days, is not fit for purpose.
TV landed on it's back and when I put it back on the wooden stand, yes, the internals of the display are all ruined. TV still works and I've read reports from others that they too had issues with the cheap metal stand being used (bar style at front and two little legs at back.)
In a panic, I phoned the dealer who told me tough luck, you did not take out an accidental cover guarantee. Well, I honestly thought the reports on the TV's stand were exaggerated and only one of that style was on display as all the other TVs were wall mounted. The sales people said they were good! Clearly, I now believe the reports and think had the stand been the old solid type (used by Samsung and Phillips etc) then this could never have happened.
I think TV would be uneconomic to try and repair even if it is only a few days old. I also think the stand is a total liability and do not see why I should lose all my money due to something being unfit for purpose. I am in Scotland and believe I should be able to get a full refund or exchange. Love the actual TV.
Please, can you say anything useful regarding this design 'fault'. The Sale of Goods Act requires items to be of merchantable quality. I also used a credit card and maybe that would help my case. I am sorry but I am so down-hearted. After a year of hell, this had to happen in the first week of 2015!
Thanks a lot. Anything will assist.

Hi, I am A. Stevens here to help with your question!


Hi Billy - sorry to hear about your TV breaking. Must be frustrating.


Based on your description, I think it would be best to contact Sony directly to plead your case.


I've seen the manufacturer sometimes honor their product and replace even though it is out or warranty or accidentally damaged due to design fault.


You can reach Sony UK here

JACUSTOMER-un5e8wlf- :

Hello, thanks for that. After sending my Question, I did in fact phone Curry's main centre and the technician tried his best but speaking to a manager he could not offer anything concrete other than try the store again. He suggested the Sale of Goods Act too. I them used the number he supplied to phone Sony. That operator at Sony was not very helpful, pointing out that they are responsible for manufacturing faults but not accidental damage and the person who fitted the metal stand was responsible if it was not put on correctly. That would be me and it is on properly, though I did not have a torque wrench handy to check the tightness of two screws (Torsion specified in Sony's Quick Start Guide). I am not saying the stand is faulty per se; I am saying that the TV is top heavy and far too easy to dislodge from a safe position. In reality, the only way that this could be ensured is to tie down or bolt the Sony TV to a user's TV stand - or maybe go mad with BlueTac! Ugly and hardly practical. There is no doubt in my mind that (even properly fitted), this was an accident just waiting to happen. A lively puppy, a child or someone dusting generally could easily tip or slip/slide this model TV, with very little effort. The operator at Sony seemed unable to grasp this, concentrating on whether the metal stand was faulty. I am not saying it is faulty but merely incredibly badly designed and therefore the whole product, if used as recommended, is unfit for purpose. She added that there was thousands of TVs like this and Sony had never issued a recall. I was flogging a dead horse!

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