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I have just connected my new Viera 32 inch tv to my sky hd

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I have just connected my new Viera 32 inch tv to my sky hd box. If I connect via hdmi I get sound fron non hd channels but not from hd channels. The sky hd sound was working before I changed the tv. I have changed from hdmi 1 to hdmi 2 same result. I have tried a new hdmi cable, same result. I get proper sound through the scart connection. What can I do please? Brian
, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.
It sounds like your Sky box is possibly transmitting Bitstream DIGITAL audio to your TV and TVs prefer to receive STEREO DIGITAL audio...that's why HD stations have no sound, while NON HD stations send sound to the TV using HDMI.
I know it worked previously, but I really suspect the Skybox's Audio Out setting is the culprit, not the TV's AUDIO setting.
If you have a DVD player that uses HDMI, I'd want to connect that to your new TV and see if its sound is dead on standard, and then BLU RAY DVDs. They always taught us to DIVIDE and CONQUER our problems in electronics, so lets see if the TV or SKYBOX is the problem, or the TV is.
Right now, I think the Skybox is delivering the wrong type of audio to the TV, or the TV's Audio setting is manually set to Surround, Not Stereo. TVs use PCM Stereo, as do most Non HD Stations. So HD stations may be transmitting Surround sound-Bitstream or PCM surround sound that is...we need PCM Stereo on that Skybox TV.
I hope I haven't confused you about HDMI Audio needing to be PCM stereo from the Skybox's Audio output setting.
If you have the TV's model number, I may be able to look at the TV's Audio menu settings. TX-32xxxxx? It should be on the back cover.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** the blueray box. The tv model is

Panasonic TX-32AS500B 32-inch

with Freeview and wi-fi built in. It as a 2014 build

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The problem is now solved (15:52 Thursday). Your comments triggered off the thought that I had not checked the sound set up on the old box. The hdmi was set to Dolby Digital instead of Normal - I'm sure that was somehow changed when the engineer swapped over the old box to my second location when installing a new 2Tb box in my first location. The new box is set to Normal. Thanks help, it certainly put my thinking straight.

Regards, Brian

You're welcome. I was thinking that the Skybox's audio setting was causing your problem with HD stations.
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