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I bought a Samsung S4 mini Duos (GT-I1912) in Sept 2013. It

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I bought a Samsung S4 mini Duos (GT-I1912) in Sept 2013. It has worked well until recently but now if someone phones me, the phone does not ring but goes straight to voicemail. It does record that I have missed a call, outgoing calls work as normal. Is there anything I can do to restore normal working or is it one for the bin?
Hi,My name is***** will assist you.I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Try putting the phone in flight mode for about 60 seconds, then turn off flight mode and check to see if it will ring for incoming calls. Let me know the results please.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, sorry, but that does not get it to ring. It goes straight to voicemail as before.


okay, do you have your contacts and data backed up on the Samsung?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No have not done that.

From the Home screen, tap theMenukey.TapSettings.Tap theAccountstab.TapBackup and reset.Note: You must be logged in to a Google account to back up your apps. If necessary, tapBackup account, tapAdd account, and then follow the prompts to log in to or create a Google account.If necessary, tapBackup my datato select the check box.If necessary, tapBackup accountto select the check box.Back up contactsTo back up your contacts, follow these steps:Back up to your Samsung or Google accountFrom the Home screen, tapContacts.Tap theMenukey.TapMerge accounts.Choose one of the following:Merge with GoogleMerge with SamsungIf necessary, log in to your Google or Samsung account.Back up to your SD cardIf necessary, insert your SD card.From any Home screen, tapContacts.If necessary, tap theMenukey, tapContacts to display, and then tapAll contacts.Tap theMenukey and then tapImport / Export.TapExport to SD card.The pop-up window will display the file name for the contact list. If necessary, record the name of the file before tapping OK.TapOK.Back up media & picturesTo back up your media and pictures, follow these steps:Using your deviceNote: You must have a SD card installed.From any Home screen, tapApps.TapMy Files.TapAll files.TapDevice storage.Note: If you want to back up all of your files, tap theMenukey and then tapSelect alland then skip to step 7.Locate the folders containing the desired media and picture files. Pictures you capture using the Camera app are stored in the DCIM folder. Media files are usually stored in Notifications, Downloads, or other file names.To the left of the desired file or folder, tap thecheck boxto select the check box.Repeat as desired.Tap theMenuicon located at top-right.TapCopy.Note: TapMoveto move the file without duplicating it.TapSD memory card.If necessary, navigate to the desired folder.TapPaste here.Note: TapMove hereif moving the file.From the Home screen, tap theMenukey.TapSettings.Tap theAccountstab.TapGoogleand then tapSync all.Tap theBackkey.TapBackup and reset.Check/kBackup my data.Check/Automatic restore.
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After the restore check to see if the calls will ring, the restore is the only option to get it working. If that fails then it will need to be repaired.Please let me know if you need any other assistance.Please take a moment to rate my service positively.Thank you very much!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, I did the backup and reset the phone how do I now restore my backup?

From the Home screen, tap theMenukey.TapSettings.Tap theAccountstab.Note: If you backed up your contacts to your Google account, then tap Google for step 4. If you backed up your contacts to your Samsung account, then tap Samsung for step 4.TapGoogleorSamsung.Tap youremail addressat the top of the screen.TapSync contactsto select the check box. If the check box is already selected, then tapSync now.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I thought I set up a Google account but it does not appear in the Accounts Tab. I did backup to my SD card so my photos are all there.

I notice that my Contacts are still there but recent Text Messages are not. Firefox has gone but as it is a free download that's not a problem.

The good news is that once I had gone through the New Startup screens that my phone does now ring againSmile and shows the appropriate screen to accept the call. So many thanks for your help with that.

It is now well past my bedtime so thanks for your help and goodnight.


That's great!
Your welcome!
Please let me know if you need any other assistance.
Thank you very much!