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I have a Kguard security system with DVR ref:KG-SHA108. I have

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I have a Kguard security system with DVR ref:KG-SHA108. I have damaged one of the cables from the camera. Can I but a replacement cable in the UK. I also need a new DVR, are all current DVRs compatible. I;ve has the system about ten years.
Hi, My name is ***** ***** i will be assisting you
Please let me know when you are ready
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ready now

please let me know which cable is damaged
how does the connector look like for the damaged cable...cable connected to camera or dvr
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

circular male/female push fit connectors

its call the bnc connector, at the back of the dvr the camera channels are all female bnc connector now the cable which is damaged is the connector round circle in shape or it has another connector like a phone jack that would be the power connector.
check the link given below.
let me know so that i can suggest you a fix.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

You hav shown the connector to the dvr, the broken cable is between the red connector and the camera

if the cable it broken between the red connector and the camera its very simple all you have to do is check the color code of the cable it will be red and black or black and white however it the 9 volt dc cable which gives power to the camera is broken all you have to do is slit of the cable and join it and the put insulation tape on it to secure you may shut down the dvr power and the dc power adapter while you perform the step.
let me know if you find any problem.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

As the calbe leaves the camera there are two separate wires both covered in black insulation, about 20cm from the camera, these pass into a smallplastic moulding and appear to become a single feed with a black insulation, the other end (near the DVR) the single cable passes through another sealed moulding and then emerges as two wires one has the red push fit adaptor fitted, and the other goes to the yellow pushfit which connects to the DVR. the whole thing appears as a single entity although made up of several bits fixed in plastic mouldings.

The cable is broken where it appears as a single cable.The red apator appears coaxial.

its could be the audio mic which must be connected to a white cable and teh black one is for dc power + polarity.
if the cable is worn off simple use a wire stripper and join them and tape it with insulation tape.
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