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I have a Samsung smart TV type number UE46D7000. I has developed

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I have a Samsung smart TV type number UE46D7000. I has developed a very annoying fault. It repeatedly switches itself on and off.
I have noticed that this happens most when I switch inputs from TV to HDMI1/DV1 which is connected to the Sky box.
It normally calms down and stops going on and off after about 2 hours!
When watching the TV with TV as the source it very rarely occurs but it does sometimes.
Can you please help.
We are very pleased with the Tv in every other respect.
Howard Dodd
Hi Howard,
Does both the picture and audio turn off when the problem occurs?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes, the TV switches off completely - no sound or pictures - but switches itself back on within a couple of seconds.

Hi Howard,
If it affects different devices, even after changing HDMI cables, then this problem is most likely caused by a fault on the main Logic board inside the TV, and the board will need to be replaced.
If the TV is still under warranty then you can return it to the retailer to have the board replaced.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The TV is just out of warranty and Samsung have already said that I will have to pay for any repair.

If the logic board was defective wouldn't this also affect the TV when tuned in to the TV's own input - i.e when set to "TV"?

How easy is it to replace the logic board? I have taken laptops apart in the past to replace various modules./ Would this require a similar level of expertise?

Where can I buy a replacement logic board?

Any idea of typical cost/



Hi Howard,
There are different parts of the logic board circuitry, which allow it to process the various input signals, and only one part appears to be defective according to your symptoms.
This would indeed be similar to taking apart a laptop, or perhaps even easier, but first:
How old is the TV?
You are automatically covered for a minimum of 2 years if you bought it anywhere in the EU, and under the UK Sale of Goods Act, you are covered for up to 6 years if you can prove it is a manufacturing fault, which it obviously is. See:
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for this suggestion.

I bought the TV almost 4 years ago on 2nd August 2011, so it is well beyond the warranty period.

I could try the EU legislation but this will probably involve a very drawn out period of negotiation during which time I live with the TV that is driving me mad! It may be easier simply to replace the Logic Board.

Any suggestions how I could purchase the right one? Or is this likely to be available to 'authorised' repairers only?



Hi Howard,
The board can be obtained from a number of sources:
Check the part number imprinted on the existing board to ensure you get the correct replacement.
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